Bachelor of Chinese Medicine

Single Degree

Programme Type


This four-year degree programme focuses on Chinese medicine as well as basic western medicine knowledge with the intention to produce Singapore-trained Chinese medicine professionals with in-depth knowledge of regional/local diseases.



This is a bilingual course with English and Mandarin as the media of instruction. Students will learn aspects of biomedical sciences in relation to health such as anatomy, physiology, pathology as well as TCM diagnostics, medications, acupuncture and moxibustion.

  • This programme also features new pedagogy - Technology Enabled Learning (TEL) and Team based learning (TBL), focusing on clinical cases, the ageing population and preventive care aligning with the objectives of Healthier SG.
  • Extensive on-site hands-on clinical training is incorporated in to the curriculum to ensure that students have much clinical exposure and opportunity to apply the theories into clinical settings.
  • Opportunities for overseas internships in distinguished Chinese medicine universities.
  • Build the necessary foundation for research and development of Chinese medicine for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases. 

At least H1/SL or equivalent pass in Mathematics and a good H2/HL/A Level or equivalent pass in Physics, Chemistry or Biology PLUS at least an O Level/SL or equivalent pass in Chinese Language.

This is a full-time four-year Bachelor of Chinese Medicine (Honours) programme.

During the period of study for the degree of Bachelor of Chinese Medicine, a student must pursue such courses of study as may be prescribed by Regulations made by the Academic Board on the recommendation of the School of Biological Sciences.

Graduates from this programme will be expected to work:

i) as physicians in TCM clinics and hospitals in Singapore;
ii) as clinical scientists (Chinese Medicine) at research institutes, pharmaceutical companies in Singapore;
iii) in research positions at government agencies to safeguard public health and human health; and
iv) to pursue a higher degree in Chinese Medicine.