BS with psychology double major

Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences and Psychology

Double major

Programme Type


Undergraduate Admissions

In collaboration with the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, this highly inter-disciplinary degree offers students the opportunity to specialize in two major academic disciplines from the two Schools.

The programme equips students with the transferrable skills of a combined education for successful careers in the rapidly changing environment of the 21st century. In Singapore with its population encountering increasing higher levels of stress, there is a growing emphasis on awareness of mental health and a demand for professionals with interdisciplinary training in Psychology. This programme offers more consistent depth in both disciplines. Students who have a curiosity in areas such as human emotions, behaviors and thoughts can now adopt a more integrated approach towards its understanding.
Students admitted to this programme are eligible for the NTU-Duke-NUS Medicine Pathway. Please click here for more information. 

Good H1/SL or equivalent pass in Mathematics, good H2/HL/A Level or equivalent pass in Physics, Chemistry or Biology, and a good grade in General Paper or Knowledge & Inquiry.

The period of study for the Double Major Programme (Honours) in Biological Sciences and Psychology is four academic years. 

During the period of study for the Double Major Programme (Honours) in Biological Sciences and Psychology, a student must pursue such courses of study as may be prescribed by regulations made by the Academic Board on the recommendation of the School of Biological Sciences. 
For successful completion of the programme and be eligible for graduation, students are required to fulfill the following requirements:

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