Double Degree in Bachelor of Sciences in Biomedical Sciences and Bachelor of Chinese Medicine

Double Degree

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This innovative “East Meets West” bilingual programme trains students in biomedical sciences research and the principles and practice of Chinese Medicine. This unique five-year double degree programme is an amalgamation of the western approach to Biomedical Sciences with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


The Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Biomedical Sciences is conferred by Nanyang Technology University (NTU), Singapore and the Bachelor of Medicine (Chinese Medicine) is conferred by the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine (BUCM). 

The BS degree focuses on studying bio-systems of living organisms, e.g. human, animals bacteria, viruses and plants, which includes aspects of biomedical sciences. The BMS degree focuses on studying human biology (their physiology and anatomy) so as to complement the Chinese Medicine-related courses. 

At least H1/SL or equivalent pass in Mathematics and a good H2/HL/A Level or equivalent pass in Physics, Chemistry or Biology PLUS at least an O Level/SL or equivalent pass in Chinese Language.


General Information

All applicants that accept a place in the Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences degree programme (with and without ABP status) will be automatically assessed for exemption eligibility. The eligible undergraduates will then be notified about the exemptions before the start of the first semester.

Please note that after being offered with exemptions from Year 1 courses, you may choose to decline the exemption and register for the course(s) without penalty.

Students who are awarded with course exemptions can choose to: take additional elective courses that may contribute to a minor; take later year courses in earlier semesters; or spend additional time on extra-curricular activities such as involvement in various campus clubs and societies.

Course Exemptions for Students with A Level Qualifications

Exemptions from selected Year 1 courses will be offered to students in the Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences degree programme who have meet the criteria listed below. A maximum of three exemptions from Year 1 courses will be awarded.

A Level Subject Exemptions Criteria
H2 Biology BS1001 Introductory Biology Grade A in H2 Biology
H2 Chemistry BS1003 Organic Chemistry Grade A in H2 Chemistry
H3 Molecular Biology BS1007 Molecular
& Cell Biology I
Distinction or Merit in the H3 subject
H3 Organic Synthesis & Mechanism BS1003 Organic Chemistry Distinction or Merit in the H3 subject
H3 Proteomics BS1005 Biochemistry I Distinction or Merit in the H3 subject
Other H3 subjects Exemption will be granted on a case by case basis Distinction or Merit in the H3 subject

Course Exemptions for Students with Local Polytechnic Qualifications

Exemptions from selected Year 1 courses will be offered to students in the Bachelor of Science in Biological Sciences degree programme on a case by case basis. Exemptions will be based on academic merit and relevance of polytechnic courses completed. Students admitted into Year 1 may be granted exemption from up to 3 Year 1 courses.

In addition to the 3 year 1 modules, students with relevant diplomas may be exempted from BS1001 Introductory Biology as well.

Course Exemptions for Students with NUS HIGH SCHOOL DIPLOMA Qualifications

Students with a CAP of least 4.5 will be considered for exemptions  

​Subject Exemptions​
Biology​​ BS1001
​Chemistry ​BS1003


Course Exemptions for Students with INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE DIPLOMA Qualifications

Students with subject grade of 7 or higher will be considered for exemptions

​Subject Exemptions​
Biology​ BS1001
​Chemistry ​BS1003


*Exemption for BS1003 will not be applicable for students with 2nd major in Medicinal Chemistry and Pharmacology.

Exempted courses are listed with an “EX” grade in the degree transcript. They do not count toward CGPA calculations, but the earned Academic Units contribute toward graduation requirements. NTU requires at least 69 AU of letter-graded courses, and at least 3 academic years of study, for the conferral of an undergraduate degree. Exempted courses are considered non-graded courses.

The degree of Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences is one of the two degrees that will be awarded to students upon successful competition of a 5-year double-degree programme in Biomedical sciences and Chinese medicine. 

The B.Sc. in Biomedical Sciences will be awarded by Nanyang Technological University while the Bachelor of Medicine (Major in Chinese Medicine) will be awarded by the Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, People’s Republic of China. 

The period of study for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences at NTU is three academic years after which the student will proceed to BUCM for their 4th and 5th years. 

During the period of study for the degree of Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences, a student must pursue such courses of study as may be prescribed by Regulations made by the Academic Board on the recommendation of the School of Biological Sciences. 

Successful completion of the programme requires a student to have: 
  1. TCM (employment as Chinese Medicine physician is subject to passing the TCM Practitioner’s Board Exam) 
  2. Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Industries 
  3. Bio-Botanical Products and Nutraceutical Industries 
  4. Education and Public Sectors 
  5. Bilateral Diplomats (between China and Singapore) 
  6. Further Education and/or Research 
  7. Healthcare – Clinical researcher, Management Associate, Hospital Executive, Healthcare Operations Executive, Pharmaceutical Sales, Physician, Acupuncturist etc. 
  8. Biomedical & Pharmaceutical – Process Engineer, Manufacturing Biotechnologist, QA Specialist, Clinical Researcher, R&D Officer, Validation Engineer etc. 
  9. Public Sector – Research Officer, Health Policy Analyst, Forensic Specialist, Project Officer, Laboratory Manager, Gynaecologist etc. 
  10. Banking, Finance & Legal – Risk Consultant, Relationship Manager, Management Associate, Patent Officer etc. 
  11. Entrepreneur – Owner of Bio 3D Printing Company, Owner & Physician of TCM Clinic 
  12. Postgraduate Studies – Medical Student, Veterinary Science Student, M.Sc & Ph.D Student 
  13. Others – Scientific Writer, Communication Account Executive, Scientific Journalist, Marketing Associate, Events, Service Executive etc.

Beijing University of Chinese Medicine 

BUCM is the only TCM higher learning institution incorporated into the People’s Republic of China "211 Project". 

Features of BUCM include: 

  • Key strengths: TCM formulation and diagnostics; Chinese material medica; acupuncture; moxibustion and tuina 

  • Advancing in: TCM research; integration of TCM and Western medicine; international exchange ventures with major universities 

  • More than 200,000 domestic and over 2,600 overseas professionals trained to date 

Tuition fees for the last 2 years in BUCM 

RMB35,000 per year. 

For more information on BUCM, please visit

Estimated living expenses when in Beijing 

  • Tuition Fees: $6000-8000/per year 

  • Housing (In/Out of campus), $200 - $400/per month: $2400 - $5400/per year 

  • Food and other expenses, $300/per month: $3600/per year 

  • Transport fees, $50/per month: $600/per year 

  • Air Tickets, $750/once (return tickets): $1500/twice a year 

Total Estimated Expenditure: $14,100 - $19,100/per year 

OSP Loan 

Please go to this website  for more information. 

Contact Email : 

NTU Admin Fee 

BMS Students who are going to Beijing, China for the last 2 years of studies are required to pay an amount of NTU Admin Fee of $214.00 ($53.50 x 4) (inclusive of GST). An official letter will be sent to the students so that they can make the payments before they leave for Beijing. 

Contact Person 
Ms Heng Xi Yan, Jean 
Senior Assistant Manager, 
Office of Academic Services 
Student Services Centre #01-20 
Contact Number: 6592 1707​​​ 

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