Bachelor of Science in Sport Science and Education

Double major

Programme Type


The Sport Science major offers you a unique opportunity to explore a range of disciplines. You will have access to world class sporting facilities, as well as laboratories that are equipped with state-of-the art technology to help you pursue your passion in the subject.  With a faculty that is both experienced and diverse in expertise, you will gain both knowledge and skills in your journey in the realm of sports and well-being.

Academic Discipline Minimum Requirements for Bachelor of Science in Sport Science and Education 

Important Note
Meeting the minimum requirement for a specific academic subject does not guarantee the allocation of the academic subject.

Allocation of academic subject is dependent on ranking based on student teachers’ qualifications and results (at the discretion of the academic group) as well as the availability of vacancies.

A pass in the Physical Proficiency Test conducted by NIE. 

Candidates should preferably also have strong CCA/Sports involvement in secondary school/JC/Polytechnic.

Please refer here for more information.

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