Tan Poey Quee Doctor in Education (NIE-EdD) Scholarship

Subject to the University's prevailing spending policy, the scholarship may be awarded in each academic year. The Selection Committee can also decide not to award the scholarship if there are no suitable candidates.
  • New students enrolling for the full-time or part-time NIE Doctor in Education programme.
  • Preference shall be given to Singapore Citizens or Singapore Permanent Residents.
  • Applicants should not concurrently hold any other scholarship, fellowship, bursary during the prescribed period of the Scholarship.

Quantum of each Scholarship is $36,000 to be disbursed over 2 semesters for full-time candidates, and over 2 academic years for part-time candidates, subject to the following criteria:

  • Scholarship recipient must satisfactorily complete at least 12 Academic Units (AUs) of courses and earn at least a 3.50 Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA), and no course should be lower than a Grade Point of 2.50 (C+ grade) to be eligible for renewal of the scholarship in the 2nd semester for full-time candidates, and 2nd year for part-time candidates.
  • Scholarship recipient must be continuously enrolled in the programme to have the scholarship renewed for the following academic year. Any break in enrolment without an approved deferment will result in a loss of the scholarship.
  • Receipt, continued receipt, or renewal of the scholarship is also contingent upon the student honouring the NTU-NIE Student Code of Conduct.
  • In making its recommendations, the Selection Committee shall consider the following:
    • Academic record
    • Introductory letter on goals and aims
    • Work and leadership experiences in education sector
    • Achievements/potential contributions to education
    • References and recommendations
    • Shown sufficient merit in an interview conducted by the Selection Committee
  • Applicants are required to meet the general entry requirements to the NIE EdD programme and other specific conditions.
  • No award will be made unless there is a candidate of sufficient merit.
The scholarship may be withdrawn at any time if in the opinion of NIE, the progress or behaviour of the scholar has not been satisfactory.
  • Please ensure that you have met the Scholarship’s eligibility criteria before applying.
  • The Scholarship’s application period coincides with the application period for admission to the NIE-EdD programme. In order to be considered, you must submit your scholarship application by the relevant January’s admission application deadline for the NIE-EdD programme.
  • Completed scholarship application form must be uploaded to the online application system for admission to the NIE-EdD Programme.
  • Scholarships are awarded based on competition amongst shortlisted candidates.
  • We regret that only shortlisted candidates will be invited to an interview.
  • The application form for the Scholarship can be found here.

For more information about the NIE-EdD programme, please click here. For enquiries on the scholarship, please e-mail Associate Professor Adrian Kee at [email protected].