Ong Tiong Tat Master's Degree Scholarship / Irene Tan Liang Kheng Master's Degree Scholarship

The Ong Tiong Tat Master's Degree Scholarship/Irene Tan Liang Kheng Master's Degree Scholarship is dedicated to helping eligible candidates who wish to further their competence and knowledge in the field of education through disciplinary content, education domains and professional practice.These areas are relevant in enhancing the professionalism of teaching professionals and education leaders in Singapore.

It will support educators (e.g., MOE teachers, polytechnic lecturers, early childhood educators) and professionals from the Social Services or fields of Psychology and Counselling, who are not sponsored by MOE Professional Development Continuum Model Scheme or other scholarships.


  • This scholarship is open to Singaporeans and Singapore Permanent Residents with a good degree from a reputable university. The applicants must be applying for admission into the first year of study in any of the above programmes.
  • Applicants should preferably be working in or have experience in the education sector and/or social work sector for Master of Arts (Applied Psychology) and Master of Arts (Counselling and Guidance)
  • Applicants should not concurrently hold any other scholarship, fellowship, sponsorship or bursary during the prescribed period of the Scholarship.

Successful recipients must enrol in any of the following Masters programmes:

  • Master of Arts (Applied Psychology)
  • Master of Arts (Counselling and Guidance)
  • Master of Arts in Humanities Education
  • Master of Arts in Professional Education (Training and Development)
  • Master of Education (Early Childhood)

Up to eight (8) scholarships with value of $10,000 per award (for MOE-subsidised programmes) or $20,000 per award (for self-financing programmes) subject to the total of $80,000 annually.
  • The scholarship shall be awarded to the candidate for the duration of his/her minimum candidature period to be renewed on a semestral basis subject to good performance.
  • The scholarship recipient must satisfactorily complete the coursework as required and earn at least a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 2.50, and no course should be lower than a Grade Point of 2.50 (C+ grade).
  • Scholarship recipients are required to take part in community outreach activities related to education at their own arrangement as part of the deliverable for the duration of sponsorship.
  • Scholarship recipients are required to produce a short video clip or write-up to document their learning experience. This will be inserted in the NIE website or other suitable platforms with acknowledgment of the fund which has supported their work.
  • The scholarship recipient must be continuously enrolled in the programme for the duration of the scholarship.
  • Receipt, continued receipt, or renewal of the scholarship is also contingent upon the student honouring the NTU-NIE Student Code of Conduct.
  • The scholarship carries no bond.

In making its recommendations, the selection committee which will also include the Donor or it’s representative shall consider the following:

    • Academic Record
    • Work and Leadership Experience in Education Sector
    • Achievements/Potential Contribution to Education
    • Reference and Recommendations, including Support By The Academic Group
    • An Interview or written admission requirement or other evaluation tests may be prescribed by the Selection Committee. e.g. Financial status
    • No Award Shall Be Made If There Is No Candidate Of Sufficient Merit.

The scholarship may be withdrawn at any time if in the opinion of NIE, the progress or behaviour of the scholar has not been satisfactory.

No separate form is required for the application of the above scholarships. You may apply for the scholarships by indicating in the online application form.