Team Based Learning (TBL) has been adapted in the Thai language classes. As opposed to conventional teaching, where the instructor is lecturing to a group of students in some didactic presentation format, the role of the instructor in TBL has changed to cognitive coaching. TBL improves academic outcomes by shifting the instructional focus from knowledge transmission to knowledge application. The Thai Language courses have been developed around the major pillars of TBL which are Preparation, Readiness Assurance Test and Application-oriented activities.

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Thai is the language spoken by 65 million natives of Thailand and by additional approximately over a hundred thousand people living outside of Thailand. To many Singaporeans, Thailand has long been related in both business and pleasure sides. 

The economy of Thailand is the second largest in Southeast Asia. Over the past ten years (2003 -2012) Singapore's direct investment in Thailand has increasingly grown at 15% compound annual growth rate, this is higher than investment in Hong Kong and slightly lower than investment in Japan and China. Undoubtedly, many conglomerate and multi-national businesses headquartered in Singapore have branches in Thailand as well.

As twenty-six million foreigners flying into the country each year, Thailand is recognized as Asia's primary attraction and one of the premier tourist destination of the world. With great food, exotic wildlife, fascinating culture, majestic mountains and spectacular beaches. Thailand attracted nearly 1 million visitors from Singapore in 2013, that being said, 1 in 5 Singaporeans visit Thailand each year!

The study of Thai is thus rewarding not only for its practical benefits, but also yielding a great chance students could use it in both business and pleasure.

Fully immerser yourself in Thai language in Chian Mai, Thailand's northen capital. A four-week program to recharge your energies with fabulous food and leisurely wandering while also learning basic Thi language at renowned Thai university.

For more informationon the Summer and Winter Language Immersion Programmes (LIP) in Chiang Mai, please check the OGEM webpage or email [email protected]