Tamil lessons are conducted in a practical and interactive manner using the communicative language approach.  Learning Tamil through role play, Kollywood songs, group discussions, presentations and games will be a linguistically engaging and fun experience. You cannot separate the Tamil Language from its culture and people. Hence, the course will be an excellent opportunity for immersion into the richness and antiquity of Tamil culture,
music, food, fashion and traditions with a contemporary outlook, to get you started with communicating with Tamil speakers in Singapore and around the world.

For more information, please contact the Tamil language coordinator at [email protected]

  1. The Tamil language is part of a vibrant culture that is marked by ancient rituals, classical song and dance, and outstanding food.
  2. Tamil is an ancient Dravidian language with a 2,200 year history. In 2004 Tamil was the first language to be declared a classical language of India.
  3. Tamil is a beautiful language with a literary tradition of over two thousand years and ancient books on the various aspects of life.
  4. With thousands of temples, tea plantations, forts and beaches travelling in Tamil Nadu is a mesmerising experience.6. Kollywood produced more than 5,000 Tamil films in the 20th century. Many cinemas in Singapore screen Tamil films regularly. Learn the language and enjoy the films without having to read the subtitles.
  5. There are beautiful songs written in Tamil and understanding the lyrics makes for an entirely new experience.
  6. Tamil is one of the official languages of Singapore, India, and Sri Lanka. Tamil is also spoken by Tamils in Malaysia, Mauritius, and Réunion. With more than 77 million speakers, Tamil is a widely spoken language in the world. Tamil is also the 5th most spoken language in India.