CML Registration Procedures

The registration procedure is governed by the Registrar, Office of Academic Services (OAS). Please read the registration guidelines listed below carefully.

How you have to register for CML language courses depends primarily on your status:

  • Undergraduate Student: register in STARS during the registration periods
  • Graduate Students: complete the CML Graduate Application Form and email it to [email protected]
  • Exchange Students: send an e-Request through the NG Course Approval system

General Registration Guidelines are as follows:

  1. Admission to all CML Level 1 courses is restricted to first-time learners only. Students have to declare that they have absolutely no prior knowledge of the language to be eligible for a CML Level 1 course (L_5001).
  2. Students with any prior knowledge of the language or parts of the language, who have family members who are native speakers of the language, and those with any previous study of, or learning time in the language - be it formally in other institutions or through self-study - have to apply for a placement test.
  3. Students who wish to enrol in a higher-level course are required to take a placement test to determine their level of language proficiency. Please read about the placement test requirements under the Placement Tests Tab.
  4. Subject to class availability, students are assigned a course of their choice from the waitlist. This is subject to the maximum class size.
  5. There is no restriction on the number of modern language electives that you can register in a semester. However, the maximum number of AUs allowed is pre-determined by your School.
  6. In order to increase your chance of being enrolled to the courses of your choice, you should register for an alternative course. You have to decide whether to add or drop a course within the Add/Drop period (which is during the first two weeks of the semester).
  7. Attend the first two tutorials in Week 2 of all courses that you have registered for. Ensure that you only register for a course that does not clash with your own Class Time Table.
  8. Students are not allowed to audit a course. Only students registered for courses are allowed to attend classes and are eligible to sit for the exams.
  9. Classes for all modern language electives start in Week 2 of the semester.

(a) You must drop the course any time before the end of Week 2 (the end of the Add/Drop period), if you do not wish to continue with the elective. Otherwise, your registration is considered final and confirmed for the semester. A student who is still registered for a course after the Add/Drop period but did not attend lessons nor sit for any of the semester tests will be deemed to have read and failed the course. An "F" will appear on his/her official transcript.
(b) In order to add a course, you must attend the classes for that course at the beginning of the semester. You are not allowed to add a course when you have not attended the first two tutorials in Week 2.

Application for CML Language Courses
  • Interested graduate students may apply for language courses taught by the CML. To apply, please complete the CML Graduate Application Form and email the form to [email protected] in the CML office.
  • All applications have to be supported and endorsed by your respective supervisors or schools before submission.
  • All applications should reach us latest by Friday 5pm in the week before Teaching Week 1 (according to the NTU semester-based Academic Calendar for Undergraduate Studies).
  • Upon temporary approval, you ought to attend your allocated tutorial from week 2 (first week of teaching). Please note that final approval will only be given after the end of the add/drop period (end of week 2).

Graduate students are required to sit for the same assessments as UG students and assessment marks will be reflected in the Marks Entry System. However, your marks will be reflected as Pass/Fail in your transcript. If you withdraw from the course after the add/drop period, you will be given a ‘W’ grade. Please note that the language courses will not count towards your AUs and you are allowed to register for CML language courses in addition to the courses prescribed by your programme.

Students who have any prior knowledge of a language or are interested in taking a higher level CML course are required to sit for a placement test to determine their level of language proficiency.

A placement test is also required for all Malaysian and Indonesian students who wish to learn Malay, including those whose parent(s) are Malaysian or Indonesian. 

For all languages except for Chinese:

There are two ways to register for a Placement Test:

  1. Complete the Online Placement Test Form or
  2. Download the CML Placement Test Form and email the completed and signed form to [email protected] (in case you experience any technical problems with the online form).

For Chinese language placement tests:

  1. We require students to submit a video as their placement test. Please click on the link provided to access the instructions:
  2. Download the CML Placement Test Form and upload the completed and signed form to (the same folder for you to upload the placement video.)


  • The closing date for applications is Friday 5pm in Teaching Week 1 (according to the NTU Academic Calendar (Semester).
  • We will NOT accept any placement test request after this closing date.
  • Our placement tests are conducted online.
  • You will be informed via email about the test details and results.
LKC Medical Students who wish to register for CML modules are to contact Ms Haslina bte Hussien at [email protected] or Mr Troy Tan at [email protected] to enquire about the procedures for registration. Approval for registration will be subject to the approval of each language coordinator and availability of vacancies. Requests from LKC Medical Students must reach CML by the Friday of Teaching Week 1 in order to be processed in time for the semester.