Through theme-based classroom activities, students will develop the four skills as well as cultural knowledge. Learning Hindi enables students to communicate effectively in the language, as it thoroughly grounds them in the four essential language skills of listening, reading, writing, and speaking. Students will be introduced to the basic structure of the Hindi language and key aspects of the Indian culture through arts, gastronomy, fashion, music and much more. You will also be introduced to the socio-cultural aspects of the Indian culture through festivals and celebrations.

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Hindi is spoken by more than 360 million people in the world and is one of the official languages of India which is projected to be the most populous country in the world by 2030. Lead by young dynamic groups of people who are going to be an economic powerhouse, the Indian Diaspora is the largest and most significant Diaspora in the world today. With historic settlements in almost every country, successive waves of migrations  are holding top ranking post in almost all major multinational conglomerates.

Hindi Language has been derived from Sanskrit Language which is the language of ancient Indian scriptures Vedas. Vedic Sanskrit was the origin of languages which later gave birth to Hindi Language .That is why Hindi opens you up to experience the fabulous culture of the Hindi speaking people. You are fully able to immerse yourself in a culture which dates back 5000 years. From Classics like the Mahabharata and Ramayana which echo throughout all of Asia and the teachings of Prince Siddharth which are followed across the globe, Indian culture and history has contributed immensely to spiritual growth in the world. Knowing the cultural allows you to understand and appreciate the culinary delights of Indian food in an entirely new light allowing you to know the history behind food like kebabs and Tandoori Chicken.

The Devanagari script of Hindi is employed to write several other languages in South Asia, including Nepali, Marathi, and Sanskrit. Learning Hindi also allows you to understand Urdu. Hindi is enjoyable and easy to learn. It is an extremely methodical and precise rendering of the phonetics of the language.

And how can we forget about Bollywood, the Shahrukh, the Salmans and the Deepikas... who have become household names .The experience of Hindi cinema, would not be complete without Hindi.​