Our language teaching method is characterized by its task-based and technology-assisted approach. We design learning outcomes that are effectively instantiated through diverse communication tasks. By integrating these tasks, students not only acquire essential language knowledge but also enhance their practical communication skills, preparing them for real-life language interactions. The integration of technology further enriches the learning experience, providing students with valuable tools to excel in their language acquisition journey.

People say there are many good reasons why you should learn Chinese.  If any of these appeal to you, then you should be learning Chinese!

Chinese is fun and easy to get started

  • Chinese has little inflections or declensions
    • Each Chinese character is pronounced as a single syllable
    • With a small number of Chinese characters you can quickly build up many phrases and expressions

Find out more about Chinese history and culture

  • Explore one of the most ancient civilizations in the world
  • Learn to see the world from a different perspective through the Chinese language

Challenge your brainpower

    • Chinese is a tonal language. Much like music, Chinese language requires speakers to engage both sides of their brains.
    • Unlike alphabetic writing systems, Chinese characters represent meanings rather than sounds. Learning this new writing system would offer learners a different way of thinking and looking at the world. It may even make you smarter!

Business and future career

  • Chinese is fast becoming one of the most useful languages of business
  • China will play a major role in world affairs in the future
    • Knowledge of Chinese will give you an advantage in many fields, including commerce, tourism, education, technology, etc.

Welcome to the Chinese course! You are going to learn Chinese by using the language not only in the classroom, but also acquiring Chinese by using it on campus, in markets, restaurants and bazaars!

For more information, please contact Chinese language coordinator at [email protected]