Tamil Language Classes

Contact Hours:
48h (online)
3 AU

This course aims to enable you to achieve a fundamental awareness of the Tamil language in both spoken and written forms. While you will be provided the opportunity to develop your receptive (reading, listening) and productive (speaking, writing) skills in Tamil through communicative classes and self‐study, the emphasis of this course will weigh more heavily on Spoken Tamil and grasping the Tamil sounds and written script. You will also be introduced to basic Tamil grammar and basic vocabulary related to common daily communication. Also, students who are interested in exploration of some components of the Tamil culture through language should enroll in this course. Students who wish to travel to Tamil Nadu to maximize their cultural experience or start new ventures in Tamil Nadu for trade, industry, education and investments may find this course relevant. You may find the course an avenue to pique your interest in Tamil history, ancient and contemporary literary works and the illustrious Tamil film industry as well as to integrate with the Tamil community in Singapore and all over the world. You will also gain intrinsic language learning skills and various transferable skills as part of the course.

No previous knowledge of the language

Learning Outcomes

  • Distinguish between the diglossic forms of the Tamil language: spoken and written
  • Demonstrate basic phonetic and phonological knowledge of Tamil and articulate accurately the sounds of the Tamil language
  • Observe and use basic morphological nuances of spoken Tamil
  • Apply acquired vocabulary from the themes studied, in everyday communicative tasks in spoken Tamil
  • Produce grammatically sound sentences for use in essential everyday situations in spoken Tamil from the themes studied
  • Recognise and reproduce Tamil script as a solid foundation for preliminary reading and writing tasks within the themes studied and imminent long-term study of the Tamil language
  • Discover Tamil culture through the Tamil language