Graduate Student Registration

Application for Chinese Language Courses​

  • Interested graduate students may apply for Chinese language courses. To apply, please refer to the instructions on this page: 
  • All applications have to be supported and endorsed by your respective supervisors or schools before submission.
  • All applications should reach us latest by Friday 5pm in the week before teaching week 1 (according to the semester-based Academic Calendar for Undergraduate Studies).
  • Upon temporary approval, you ought to attend your allocated tutorial from week 2 (first week of teaching). Please note that final approval will only be given after the end of the add/drop period (end of week 2).​​

Graduate students are required to sit for the same assessments as UG students and assessment marks will be reflected in the Marks Entry System. However, your marks will be reflected as Pass/Fail in your transcript. If you withdraw from the course after the add/drop period, you will be given a ‘W’ grade. Please note that the language courses will not count towards your AUs.

Class Schedule

Click here to find the full list of language classes offered this semester.

Please scroll down to “Humanities” under “Unrestricted Electives” and click on the little grey box which says “Load Class Schedule” to bring you to the current semester timetable to view the various tutorial classes available.