AUTOCRYPT is a leading player in autonomous vehicle security. Recognized by TU-Automotive as the Best Auto Cybersecurity Product/Solution of 2019, AUTOCRYPT continues to pave the way in transportation and mobility security through a multi-layered, holistic approach. Through security solutions for V2X, V2G (including Plug & Charge security), in-vehicle security, and Fleet Management, AUTOCRYPT ensures that security is prioritized before autonomous and connected vehicles hit the road.




Expertise in the field of Connected Smart Mobility:

  • Founded and led by cybersecurity and automotive industry experts, AUTOCRYPT leads the industry with the largest number of C-ITS smart road construction security project implementations.
  • AUTOCRYPT also boasts one of the fastest V2X verification speeds in the industry – surpassing 5G performance requirements, twice as fast as the industry average, and 30% faster than competitor speeds.