Research Projects

New Funding Acquired for 2021

No. Funding Project Title PI Source of Grant Year
1827,671Deep Ear for Hearables (DEHE): Applying Deep Learning Techniques for Hearing DevicesGan Woon SengMOE Tier 22022 - 2025
2743,119Using Deep Learning to Overcome the Complex Acoustic–Physical Limitations and Computational Requirements of the Anti-Noise WindowGan Woon SengMOE Tier 22023 - 2025
3726,700Development of fundamental AI technologies for medical AI applicationsWen BihanSysmex Corporation2021 - 2024
4620,400Research and Development of Attire-Insensitive Person Re-Identification Computer Vision ModelsAlex KotDefence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA)2022 - 2023
5612,000P1.3 Big Data for Robot Joints Self-Learning and Transfer Learning Analytics & Controlling Motorized Mobile Platform Using Deep Learning and EEGWen BihanSchaeffler / A*STAR2021 - 2024
6531,600Multi-Modal Deception Detection in VideosAlex KotDSO National Laboratories2021 - 2024
7282,000LEXUS Sub-Project C Urban Anomaly Detection and Human Activity Classification with Cellular Base-station TrafficLin ZhipingDSO National Labs. (through T-Lab@NTU)2021 - 2024
8237,558Deep learning based joint detection and decoding for non-orthogonal multiple-access systems (DEL-NOMA)Teh Kah ChanTL@NTU2021 - 2024
9226,174LEXUS Sub-Project B: Deep Learning for RF Sensor-based Human Perception ProblemAlex KotDSO National Laboratories2021 - 2024
10149,960Feasibility Study on Computer Simulation for Facial Aging Phenotypes of Multi-Ethnic ConsumersAlex KotAgency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)2022 - 2023
11149,960Development of Computer Simulation of Short-term Skin Changes observed in Partial Facial ImagesAlex KotAgency for Science, Technology and Research (A*STAR)2021 - 2022
1299,000Enhanced Cementitious Matrix for Beyond 5G and 6G NetworksSoong Boon HeeMOE Tier 12022 - 2024
1322,000Engaging students as active recipients of feedback with technology-mediated feedbackTeh Kah ChanEEE Teaching Ignition Grants Call 20212021 - 2023
149,930Project Title: The 3S Approach to Student Learning: Science of Learning, Self-Reflection, and Simulation ToolsTeh Kah ChanNTU Edex Faculty Learning Communities Grant2022 - 2023
15617,520Visual Sensing, Detection and Analytics Using Deep Learning Yap Kim Hui NTU-Shaeffler Joint Lab2021-2024
16584,520 Vision-based / RFID sensor fusion for better spatial resolution Lin ZhipingNTU-Shaeffler Joint Lab 2021-2024
17499,200A deep learning augmented ultra-wideband radar for rapid detection and imaging of tree defects Abdulkadir C. Yucel Ministry of National Development (MND) 2021-2024
18339,979Deep Learning Based Joint Detection and Decoding of Non-Orthogonal Multiple-Access Systems for Anomaly Detection (DEL-NOMA)Teh Kah ChanTL@NTU2021 - 2024
19249,991AI empowered Semantic Search for Prior Art Retrieval Chen Lihui NCRF/AI.SG 2021-2022
20200,000Radar Based Perception Using Artificial IntelligentWen Bihan NTU-Shaeffler Joint Lab 2021-2022
21150,000 Skin Quality Assessments for Large-scale Face Datasets Kot Chichung Alex A*Star and Procter & Gamble 2021-2021
22150,000 Computer Simulation of Short-term Skin Changes in Partial Facial Images Kot Chichung Alex A*Star and Procter & Gamble 2021-2022
23107,760 Use Case Development of RSU and Multi-protocol OBU Guan Yong Liang Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Machinery Systems Ltd 2021-2022

Funding Received for 2020 and earlier

No. Funding Project Title PI Source of Grant Year
1 24,011,028 Next-Generation V2X Network Architecture and Ecosystem for Smart Mobility Tay Wee Peng Industry Alignment Fund - Pre Positioning (IAF-PP) 2019-2022
2* 7,457,580 Next-Generation V2X Network Architecture and Ecosystem for Smart Mobility WP8 Guan Yong Liang ASTAR AME IAF-PP 2019-2022
3 5,500,000 Smart Platform Infrastructure Research on Integrative Technology (SPIRIT): A Platform for Translational R&D for a Smart Nation Gan Woon Seng National Research Foundation 2016-2020
4 3,543,480 Quantum Measurement, System Control and Signal Processing Jiang Xudong Ministry of Education 2018-2023
5 2,552,000 NTU-PKU Joint Research Institute (JRI@ROSE) Kot Chichung Alex Ng Teng Fong Charitable Foundation Limited 2015-2021
6 2,000,000 Active Noise Cancellation of Aircraft Noise through open windows Gan Woon Seng Cities-of-Tomorrow R&D programme 2019-2022
7* 1,879,320 WP4: V2X Network-Enabled Traffic Analysis and Smart Traffice Signal Control for Large Traffic Networks Su Rong IAF-PP 2019-2022
8 1,700,400 Being Together Program (Project 2) Jiang Xudong Media Development Authority of Singapore (MDA) 2016-2020
9 1,453,158 AI Enhanced Traffic Intelligence for all Masses based on IoT and V2X Technologies Guan Yong Liang Continental-NTU Corp Lab 2019-2024
10 1,300,000 SCALE@NTU Research Theme 2: Edge Intelligence Gan Woon Seng SIngatpre Telecommunication and ASTAR 2018-2022
11 1,131,000 Development of APIs for Visual Analytics for KLASS Engineering and Solution Pte. Ltd. Kot Chichung Alex KLASS Engineering 2017-2021
12 1,119,655 Car Cabin Monitoring Chau Lap Pui IAF-ICP/ Continental 2019-2024
13 1,068,700 Hierarchical Modelling and Real-time Operation Planning for LVHM Reconfigurable Manufacturing Su Rong Delta-NTU Corp. Lab 2016-2020
14 1,000,000
(Funding shared among 5 PIs and 1 Co-I)
Schaeffler Hub for Advance REsearch (SHARE) at NTU Guan Yong Liang Schaeffler (Singapore) Pte Ltd 2017-2022
15 1,000,000 Signal Research Program Phase 3 Guan Yong Liang DSO National Laboratories 2018-2022
16 959,200 Computer-Aided Image and Video Data Analysis of Recovered Data from Flash Memory Chau Lap Pui NRF NSOE 2020-2023
17* 934,320 Next-Generation V2X Network Architecture and Ecosystem for Smart Mobility WP2 Guan Yong Liang ASTAR Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Industry Alignment Fund-Pre-positioning (AME IAF-PP) 2019-2022
18 920,851 New Enabling Wireless Comm Technologies Guan Yong Liang Continental-NTU Corp Lab 2019-2024
19^ 874,296 Automated Charging for Kerbside Parking to Reduce Active Enforcement Lee Yee Hui National Research Foundation (NRF) 2016-2020
20 820,000 Hazardous Event Detection and Situation Awareness for Social Resilience by Automated Analytics of Social Media and Other Online Sources Mao Kezhi Future Resilience System Phase II 2020-2025
21 800,000 Theoretically-Grounded and Robust Artificial Intelligence for Real-World Challenges Wen Bihan Nanyang Assistant Professorship 2019-2023
22* 800,000 Design of Security Functionality for V2X Networks Ma Maode A*STAR 2019-2022
23^ 796,584 GNSS signal authentication for users of high precision GNSS positioning Tan Soon Yim TRANS Grant, PMO/Govtech 2020-2021
24 780,000 Acoustic source detection, localization and identification using machine learning technique in VTOL UAVs Andy W. H. Khong ST-Engg Corp Lab 2019-2020
25 755,785 Automated Situation Awareness Based on Text Analytics of News Mao Kezhi Ministry of Defence 2016-2020
26 711,028 Radar Technology: Enhancing Sensing and Imaging for Subterranean Diagnostics Lee Yee Hui National Parks Board 2019-2022
27 668,500 Wireless acoustic sensor network for semantic context evaluation and learner recommendation system Andy W. H. Khong Delta Corp Lab 2018-2021
28 660,000 Immersive 3D Audio for Virtual and Augmented Reality Applications Gan Woon Seng Ministry of Education 2018-2021
29 650,000 Audio Intelligence Monitoring at the Edge (AI-ME) Gan Woon Seng National Research Foundation (IAF) 2018-2020
30 639,432 Multi-Source Information Processing and Fusion for Enhanced Satellite Remote Sensing Lu Yilong 21AT 2018-2021
31* 582,000 Vehicular Localisation using V2X and Information Fusion ​​Ling Keck Voon​ IAF 2019-2021
32 579,536 Automated Video Analytic Systems for Smart Learning Yap Kim Hui Delta Corporate Lab 2016-2020
33 568,512 Decentralized Privacy for the Internet of Things: Theory and Algorithms Tay Wee Peng Ministry of Education 2019-2021
34 550,000 Artificial Intelligence for Human Re-Identification Across Camera Kot Chichung Alex AI SG & DSTA 2019-2020
35 529,500 Auto-Tagging of Patent Applications to Facilitate Discovery of Relevant Prior Art Chen Lihui AI SG & IPOS 2019-2021
36 521,400 Human-Robot Interaction Phase 1 Lin Zhiping National Research Foundation, Singapore 2019-2022
37 516,599 Control and Controllability of Dynamic Complex Networks: Theories and Strategies Xiao Gaoxi Ministry of Education 2017-2020
38 497,000 DCMMH: Dietary Computational Model for Mobile Health Kot Chichung Alex NRF-NSFC 2017-2020
39 490,000 Enhanced Fault Identification of Train Door Response Using Advanced Sensor System Ling Keck Voon SMRT-NTU Corp Lab 2016-2020
40 479,157 Relative Positions Determination Using Communication Signals Tay Wee Peng Defence Science Organization National Laboratories 2018-2020
41 450,000 LI-FI TECH - Data communication using regular LED light source (Li-Fi) as visible communication light (VLC) Arokiaswami Alphones SJ-NTU Corp Lab 2018-2021
42 446,832 Feasibility Study of Multi-Function Millimetre-Wave RaCoPo System Lu Yilong HWI 2017-2020
43 442,400 Monitoring the Operation Condition of RFID Tags on Rail Sleepers Shen Zhongxiang SMRT-NTU Corporate Lab 2019-2021
44 434,600 Energy Efficient Resilient Distributed Inference Tay Wee Peng Delta Electronics Corp Lab 2016-2020
45 426,810 Drone Inspection System for Building Façade Ng Boon Poh NRF 2019-2020
46 400,000 Enhanced Deep Learning Based Detector and Tracker for Video Analytics Chau Lap Pui STE-NTU Corp Lab 2019-2020
47 388,000 Efficient Object Detection for X-Ray Machines Wen Bihan Smiths Detection 2020-2022
48 336,000 Critical Event Monitoring and Situation Awareness for Resilience Cyber-Physical Systems Xiao Gaoxi NRF CREATE 2020-2025
49 300,000 Integrated Wide-Band Antenna Based on Sensotect Shen Zhongxiang SHARE @NTU 2018-2020
50 300,000 Outdoor Geo-Localization and Navigation Using DVB and LTE Signals-of-Opportunity in GPS-denied Environments Tay Wee Peng Ministry of Defence 2018-2020
51 300,000 Robust GNSS under foliage/scintillation ​Ling Keck Voon​ FSTD 2018-2020
52 300,000 SINGA Shield Task B Guan Yong Liang Future Systems and Technology Directorate (FSTD) 2018-2020
53 287,000 Deep Reinforcement Learning of Driving Using Virtual Paths Ma Kai-Kuang NTU-WASP 2018 - 2021
54 277,624 Application of millimeter wave radar sensor and design of RadComm device for personal mobile devices Teh Kah Chan Schaeffler Hub for Advanced REsearch at NTU (SHARE at NTU) 2018-2020
55 271,700 Design and reinforcement security on smart grids against cyber-physical attack Christopher H.T. Lee National Research Foundation NSOE 2019-2023
56 270,000 Insights into online learning via machine learning techniques Andy W. H. Khong DSAIR NTU 2019-2021
57 247,250 Development of Energy-Selective Surface Shen Zhongxiang DSO National Laboratories 2019-2020
58 247,200 The Study of 4D Dengue Transmission Risk Based on Big Urban Data Xiao Gaoxi National Research Foundation 2018-2020
59 240,000 Image Forensics: Spoofing and Manipulation Kot Chichung Alex NTU 2016-2022
60 240,000 Data Augmentation and Low-shot Learning for Medical Image Processing Wang Lipo Fraunhofer@NTU 2019-2023
61 240,000 Cognitive Workload and Situation Awareness Recognition using Advanced Machine Learning Wang Lipo Fraunhofer@NTU 2019-2023
62 204,000 Detection of Attacks on Artificial Intelligence (AI) Systems Wen Bihan Renewal of Singapore Cybersecurity Consortium Grant 2020-2021
63 200,000 Robust Machine Learning with Rigorous Formulations Wen Bihan Start-Up Grant 2019-2022
64 200,000 Model-in-the-Loop Framework for Intelligent CPS Su Rong Delta-NTU Corp. Lab 2016-2021
65 140,000 RIVENDELL Track 2: Signal Anomaly Analytics Lin Zhiping DSO National Labs 2020-2021
66 105,900 Networked Communities of Agents: A New Framework for Studying Dynamics of Complex Adaptive Systems Xiao Gaoxi MOE-Tier1 2020-2022
67 100,000 Access Authentication for Massive Terminals in 5G Wireless Networks Ma Maode Ministry of Education 2018-2020
68 99,000 Weakly Supervised Learning Based Anomaly Detection in Microscopic Images for Automatic Detection of Noises Wen Bihan TL@NTU Seed Research Project 2020-2020
69 95,000 Discrete Event Based Cyber Security Analysis and Attack Resilient Controller Synthesis for Cyber Physical Systems Su Rong Ministry of Education 2018-2020
70 94,000 Tracking seeds and their animal dispersers in tropical forests: using engineering advances to address longstanding challenges in biodiversity conservation(ACE2018-03) Lee Yee Hui Nanyang Technological University 2019-2021
71 90,000 Assessing the impact of initiatives on students’ innovation and entrepreneurial mindset in Garage@EEE Andy W. H. Khong NTU EdeX grant 2018-2020
72 90,000 Single channel detection of signals below the noise floor using Machine Learning Teh Kah Chan TL@NTU 2020-2020
73 80,000 High-definition Image Processing Algorithm Development and Quality Assessment Ma Kai-Kuang MOE AcRF Tier 1 2019-2020
74 45,000 Survey of Energy Harvesting Principles and Technologies Teh Kah Chan Schaeffler Hub for Advanced REsearch at NTU (SHARE at NTU) 2020-2020
75 20,000 Individual/Group readiness assessment: Promoting students’ learning and providing timely performance feedbacks for blended courses Teh Kah Chan EdeX Grant 2019-2020

* Funding amount has been included in #1
^ Funding amount has been included in #3

Total funding from current projects: S$68,884,237

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