Tay Wee Peng

Tay Wee Peng (NTU)

Associate Professor

Machine learning, Signal processing, Localization

Lead PI, Project PI for WP3 and WP6, and Co-I for WP8


Guan Yong Liang (NTU)


Coding and signal processing for communication and data storage systems

Project PI for WP2 and WP8

Boon Chirn Chye

Boon Chirn Chye (NTU)

Associate Professor

Integrated Circuit (IC) Design & Testing for Analog, RF, mmW and THz

Project PI for WP1

Ling Keck Voon

Ling Keck Voon (NTU)

Associate Professor

Control, Optimisation, State Estimation, GNSS Software Receiver, Smart Grid

Co-I for WP3

Su Rong

Su Rong (NTU)

Associate Professor

Control & optimisation of complex networked systems, Intelligent transportation systems

Project PI for WP4

Ma Maode

Ma Maode (NTU)

Associate Professor

Network Security and Intelligent Networks

Project PI for WP5

Niels de Boer - CETRAN

Niels de Boer (NTU)

Program Director, CETRAN

R & D of autonomous vehicles – testing, safety standards & connectivity with infrastructure

Project PI for WP7

Yuen Chau (SUTD)

Yuen Chau (SUTD)

Associate Professor

5G Communications & Beyond, Edge Intelligence, Resource Allocation, Deep Learning

Co-I for WP2

Zhou Jianying (SUTD)

Zhou Jianying (SUTD)



Co-I for WP5

Dinh Tien Tuan Anh (SUTD)

Dinh Tien Tuan Anh (SUTD)

Assistant Professor

Security, Blockchains, Databases

 Co-I for WP5

Jaya Shankar P

Jaya Shankar (I2R)

Head, Intelligent Transportation Solutions Division

Collaborative R&D, Intelligent Transport Systems, IoT, Wireless & Networking

Co-I for WP2 and WP4

Yang Ming (NTU)

Yang Ming (NTU) 

Infrastructure Lead

Colin Leong

Colin Leong (NTU)

Collaboration & Commercialisation Lead