NTU-PKU Double Master's

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王冰漪, 南洋金融及北大保险硕士学位2022级


韩旭, 南洋金融及北大保险硕士学位2021级


尹晨桥, 360F (新加坡),南洋金融及北大保险硕士学位2019级


As part of MSc Finance curriculum, structured Student Industry Field Trips (SIFT) is organised in Singapore and China to provide holistic experiences and a professional network for participants learning to lead in a global market. Participants will also gain a broader view of how the different financial markets work by attending seminars and workshops conducted by industry experts on the purpose of Finance, current financial market trends, and more.


The NTU-PKU double master's degree offers a unique and enriching educational journey, combining the strengths of two renowned universities. The full-time programme is delivered in English and Mandarin and is offered by the Nanyang Business School (NBS) at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) in Singapore and the School of Economics at Peking University (PKU) in China since 2018. It offers an outstanding opportunity for graduates and young bilingual professionals to pursue studies in Singapore and China.

The programme provides a robust and real-world business foundation and international exposure required to stand out in the global financial market, with strong understanding of the China financial markets and policies. This allows you to develop your skills and potential to challenge established paradigms. You will be part of two dynamic and supportive alumni networks, offering you an opportunity to exchange insights with a diverse class of professionals. Thus, it not only better prepares you for your chosen career but also differentiates you to become an exceptional professional capable of driving changes and breaking boundaries in the global environment.

We invite you to meet with our representatives to learn more about the programme. We look forward to welcoming you on campus!