MSc Accountancy

The MSc in Accountancy (MACC) programme at Nanyang Business School leverages the school's long tradition and successful track record in training executives in accounting and finance-related fields. Each year, we admit two cohorts of around 50 students with a keen interest and enthusiasm to deepen their accountancy skills and knowledge, and to advance their careers in Singapore and beyond.

Our MACC programme is a 12-month full time programme offering two distinct tracks: General and Data Analytics.


MSc Accountancy With two tracks options:

MSc Accountancy Tracks

MSc Accountancy (General Track)

The MACC General track is designed to provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the fast-evolving global business and accounting landscape, leveraging technology and advanced analytical techniques to equip you for a successful career in professional accounting.  

Our MACC programme is accredited by the Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) and Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants (ISCA). It serves as a pathway to obtaining the globally recognised Singapore Chartered Accountants (Singapore CA) qualification. By enrolling in the General Track, you will gain direct access to take the Singapore CA Professional exams.  


MSc Accountancy (Data Analytics Track)

Technology is rapidly reshaping the finance and accounting landscape. The use of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analytics, together with the automation of routine tasks, has brought significant change to accounting and audit processes, allowing accounting professionals to focus their attention on higher-level work.  

These disruptions to the accounting ecosystem require accounting professionals who are adept at bridging data and accounting to navigate the challenges and the opportunities presented by emerging technologies. 

The Data Analytics track in the MACC programme will equip you with the skillsets to effectively analyse and interpret complex data sets, acquire knowledge in emerging technologies, and be able to manage new opportunities and risks.  

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Why MSc Accountancy

Singapore's Accounting Powerhouse

Singapore's Accounting Powerhouse

The MACC programme at Nanyang Business School stands as Asia's pioneering and most esteemed institution in the realm of accountancy, boasting over five decades of excellence in equipping professionals with accounting and finance expertise. A significant portion of our esteemed faculty actively participates in shaping the accounting landscape by serving on ISCA councils and committees.

The MACC programme is the pathway for both accounting and non-accounting graduates to join the professional accounting domain and fostering successful careers in accounting and finance.


Career-oriented and future-focused Curriculum

Career-oriented and Future-focused Curriculum

Our comprehensive curriculum includes data analytics & machine learning for accounting, and forensic accounting & digital forensics. In addition to being taught by our senior faculty, representatives from the Big Four accounting firms bring industry relevance into our classrooms for selected modules. Every aspect is designed to equip you with the holistic skillsets to succeed in the rapidly evolving accounting landscape.  

Not only will you obtain both a global perspective and an Asian focus on business and accounting issues, you will also be highly sought after by the Big 4 accounting firms and other multinational companies, and will be well positioned to build a successful career in accounting and finance.


Strong Links with Professional Bodies

Strong Links with Professional Bodies

Thanks to our close ties with international accounting bodies, such as ICAEW, CPA Australia, ACCA, and CIMA, we can help you fast-track your professional accountancy journey regardless of the track that you are enrolled.

Additionally, gain easy advancement to the Singapore CA Professional exams through the MACC programme if you are enrolled in the General track.



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