Seminars and Conferences

24 Apr 2024
Topic: TBA
By Prof Hai Lu, University of Toronto
17 Apr 2024
Topic: TBA
By Prof Linda Myers, The University of Tennessee Knoxville
3 Apr 2024
Topic: TBA
By Prof Mark Bradshaw, Boston College
20 Mar 2024
Topic: TBA
By Prof Lisa Koonce, The University of Texas at Austin
13 Mar 2024
Topic: TBA
By Prof Ling Lisc, Virginia Tech
8 Nov 2023
Topic: Private Access And Professional Investor Judgments
By Assoc Prof H. Scott Asay, University of Iowa


25 Oct
Gone But Not Forgotten: Investor Reaction To “Excluded” Stock-Based Compensation Expense
By Prof John McInnis, The University of Texas at Austin
11 Oct
Expectations Matter: When (Not) To Use Machine Learning Earnings Forecasts
By Prof John Campbell, University of Georgia
20 Sep
The Effect of Mandatory Carbon Disclosure Along Global Supply Chains
By Prof Mingyi Hung, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology 
13 Sep
The Cognitive Cost of Misreporting
By Asst Prof Ryan Guggenmos, Cornell University
30 Aug
The Impact of Environmental Sustainability Initiatives on Managerial Myopia
By Prof Elaine Wang, University of Massachusetts Amherst
16 Aug
Board Gender Diversity and Ambidextrous Innovation
By Prof Ranjani Krishnan, Michigan State University
16-17 MayNBS Accounting Conference
3 May
Does Financial Information Presentation Format Matter? Evidence from Research and Development Expense Reporting
By Assoc Prof Baohua Xin, University of Toronto
19 Apr
Creditor Control Rights and Executive Bonus Plans
By Assoc Prof Christopher Armstrong, University of Pennsylvania  
15 AprTri-University Conference 
29 Mar
The Effect of News-Trade Integration on Investors’ Perception of News
By Assoc Prof Nicole Cade, University of Pittsburgh (Online)
22 MarOn the Choice of Level or Ratio Targets in a Bonus Plan: Theory and Empirical Evidence from a Field Experiment
By Assoc Prof Pablo Casas Arce, Arizona State University
8 MarOperating Leases and the Market’s Assessment of Equity Risk: Evidence from the Adoption of ASC 842
By Prof Agnes Cheng, University of Oklahoma
8 FebConfused Readers: A Modular Approach for Measuring Business Complexity
By Assoc Prof Darren Bernard, University of Washington
30 Jan’Mere Puffery’ or Credible Disclosure? The Real Effects of Adopting Voluntary ESG Disclosure Standards
By Prof Jeffrey Hales, University of Texas at Austin

23 NovMeasuring the Quality of Mergers and Acquisitions
By Assoc Prof Atif Ellahie, University of Utah
17 NovESG Disclosures in the Private Equity Industry
By Asst Prof Marcel Olbert, London Business School
9 NovTruPS, I Did It Again: The Impact of Fair Value Circuit Breakers on Banks’ Impairment and Trading Decisions
By Prof Zoltán Novotny-Farkas, WU Vienna University
19 OctA Positive Theory of Information for Debt Contracting: Implications for Financial Reporting
By Assoc Prof Peter Demerjian, Georgia State University
5 OctThe Effects of Failure Disclosure on Exploration Performance
By Prof Laura W. Wang​, University of Illinois at Urbana –Champaign​
21 SepOutliers and Robust Inference in Archival Accounting Research
By Prof David Veenman, University of Amsterdam
31 AugFirm Opacity and Retail Investments in Attention Stocks and Lottery Stocks: Evidence from Robinhood Investors
By Assoc Prof Zhan Gao, Lancaster University
24 AugIgnorance is Bliss: Effects of Real Activities Management by Employees and the Role of Managers
By  Asst Prof Eric Chan, The University of Texas at Austin
13 Apr
The Imitation Behaviors of Junior Auditors: Does It Improve or Impair Auditor Judgment?
By Prof Eddy Cardinaels, Tilburg University
6 Apr
Understanding Corporate Misconduct
By Prof Eugene F. Soltes, Harvard University
30 Mar
Multi-Faceted Depletion Effects on Auditor Negotiations: The Importance of a Skeptic or Client Service Natural Disposition and the Client’s Dark Triad Personality
By Assoc Prof Tracie M. Majors, University of Southern California
23 Mar
How do Audit Committees Support Audit Engagement Teams and Encourage Professional Skepticism? A Survey and Experimental Evidence
By Prof Anna Gold, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
16 Mar
Global Evolution of ESG Disclosure in Annual Reports
By Assoc Prof Rui Shen, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shenzhen
9 Mar
To Talk or Not to Talk:
When Analysts with Social Ties to Firm Managers Acquire Bad News
By Prof George Yang, The Chinese University of Hong Kong
23 Feb
The Effect of Conditional Accounting Conservatism on the Predictive Ability of Accrual Components with Respect to Future Cash Flows
By Prof Daniel W. Collins, University of Iowa
16 Feb
Why Tangible Rewards Can Motivate Greater Effort than Cash Rewards: An Analysis of Four Attribute Differences
By Assoc Prof Jongwoon (Willie) Choi, University of Wisconsin-Madison
9 Feb
Of the Thirty-Six Stratagems, fleeing is the best
By Asst Prof Cheng (Colin) Zeng, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
26 Jan
Controlling Emotional Expression in Firm Disclosures
By Assoc Prof Brian J. White, The University of Texas at Austin
12 Jan
Reversing the Resource Curse: Foreign Corruption Regulation and Economic Development
By Assoc Prof Hans B. Christensen, University of Chicago

10 Nov
Aggregation Bias:  An Explanation for Cost Overruns
By Asst Prof Karl Schumacher, Emory University
27 Oct
Green New Hiring
By Assoc Prof Kelvin Law, Nanyang Technological University
20 Oct
The Irrelevance of ESG Disclosure to Retail Investors:  Evidence from Robinhood
By Assoc Prof Clare Wang, University of Colorado Boulder
13 Oct
The Interactive Effect of Reward Type and Taxation on Employee Effort
By Assoc Prof Adam Presslee, University of Waterloo
22 Sep
Money Illusion and the Effect of Reporting Nominal Components of Accounting Estimates on Financial Statement Users’ Valuation Judgments
By Prof Patrick E. Hopkins, Indiana University
15 Sep
When Guidance Backfires: The Effect of Supervisor Communication and Prior Control Choice on Managers’ Cooperation with External Partners
By Dr Yee Shih Phua, UNSW Sydney
8 Sep
The Joint Effects of Rich Data Visualization and Audit Procedure Categorization on Auditor Judgment
By Prof Mark Peecher, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign
1 Sep
Does Disaster Risk Relate to Banks’ Loan Loss Provision Estimates?
By Prof Kiridaran (Giri) Kanagaretnam / York University
25 Aug
Does Wall Street Understand Fed Speak?
Monetary Policy Communication and Corporate Conference Calls
By Prof Mani Sethuraman, Cornell University
18 Aug
Regulatory sanctions on financial analysts
By Prof Zhang Huai, Nanyang Technological University
11 Aug
Real-time revenue and firm disclosure
By Assoc Prof Elizabeth Blankespoor, University of Washington
7 Apr Institutional ownership and workplace misconduct: Evidence from federal labor law violations
By Assoc Prof Xi LI, London School of Economics and Political Science
31 Mar Uneven Regulation and Economic Reallocation: Evidence from Transparency Regulation
By Asst Prof Matthias BREUER, University of Chicago
24 Mar Geographic distance and ISS recommendations
By Assoc Prof ZHANG Huai, Nanyang Technological University
17 Mar Narcissism, Contract Frame Individual Behavior
By Prof Theresa LIBBY, University of Central Florida
10 Mar The Effects of Formality of Documentation on Auditors’ Acquisition of Knowledge from Prior Year Workpapers
By Prof Sarah BONNER, University of Southern California
23 Feb Reporting Regulation and Corporate Innovation
By Prof Christian LEUZ, The University of Chicago Booth School of Business
27 Jan Talking down the competitors: how do underwriting relationships influence analysts’ forecasts?
By Assoc Prof ZHANG Huai, Nanyang Technological University
20 Jan Customer Concentration and the Debt Structure
By Prof Florin Vasvari, London Business School
13 Jan Expected Losses, Unexpected Costs?
By Asst Prof Aytekin ERTAN, London Business School

25 Nov How Does Artificial Intelligence Shape the Audit Industry?
By Asst Prof Kelvin LAW, Nanyang Technological University
4 Nov
Disclosure Descriptors: Helping Investors Process Complex Accounting Estimates by Using Short Identical Descriptors
By Prof Marlys Gascho LIPE, University of South Carolina
14 Oct 
Auditing with Data and Analytics: External Reviewers' Judgement ​of Audit Quality and Effort
By Asst Prof Scott A. EMETT, Arizona State University
2 Sep
The Joint Effect of Information Control, Information Placement, and Readability on Investors’ Reactions to Financial Disclosures 
By Prof Hun-Tong TAN, Nanyang Technological University
26 Aug
Do Tax Differences Benefit or Hurt Internal Decision Making? The Effects of Controller Compensation on Costing System Design
By Asst Prof Huaxiang YIN, Nanyang Technological University
26 FebFinancial Misconduct
By Asst Prof Kelvin LAW, Nanyang Technological University
19 FebRepetition, Interactivity, and Investors' Reliance on Firm Disclosures
By Asst Prof Stephanie GRANT, University of Washington
14 Feb
The Availability of Stock Prices and Reporting Quality: Evidence from the Disclosures of Publicly-traded and Non-traded Firms
By Prof Igor GONCHAROV, Lancaster University
12 FebProduct Recalls and Financial Reporting Credibility
By Assoc Prof Holly YANG, Singapore Management University
5 FebFinancial Reporting
By Assoc Prof ZHANG Huai, Nanyang Technological University
20 NovThe Last Chance to Improve Financial Reporting Reliability: Evidence from Recorded and Waived Audit Adjustments​
By Prof Katherine Schipper, Duke University​
13 NovTax Policy Uncertainty
By Assoc Prof John Gallemore, University of Chicago
6 Nov
Payoffs to Aggressiveness​
By Prof Frank Ecker, Frankfurt School of Finance and Management​
30 OctDe-biasing bold forecasts using the 'outside view': The case of analysts' sales growth forecasts
By Assoc Prof Peter Joos, INSEAD
16 OctSkewness in Expected Earnings and CEO Compensation​
By Assoc Prof Stephen Hillegeist, Arizona State University
4 OctThe Effect of Trade Secrets Law on Stock Price Synchronicity: Evidence from the Inevitable Disclosure Doctrine​
By Prof Yongtae KIM​, Santa Clara University
25 Sep
Mind the Gap? Firm Strategy and CEO-VP Pay Gap
By Assoc Prof Bo QIN, The University of Melbourne​
18 SepTrading Volume and Public Information in an Experimental Asset Market with Short-Horizon Traders
By Asst Prof Radhika LUNAWAT, University of California - Irvine​
28 Aug
The Impact of Raising Employee Pay on Manager-Employee Relationships​
By Asst Prof YIN Huaxiang, ​Nanyang Technological University
14 Aug
​Do Managers Disclose More Risks When Given a Chance to Explain?
The Effects of Risk Disclosure Regime and Reporting Goal on Managers’ Disclosure Choices
By Asst Prof Yeo Feng, University of South Carolina
17 Apr
The forecasting use of EBITDA covenants by equity investors
By Assoc Prof Lee Lian Fen, ​Boston College
10 Apr
Unbeatable Forecasts
By Prof Andrew Call, ​Arizona State University
3 AprTrust and Debt Contracting: Evidence from International Syndicated Loans​ By PhD Candidate Xiong Xi, Nanyang Technological University​​
27 Mar
​Analysts’ and Managers’ Use of Humor on Public Earnings Conference Calls​​
By Assoc Prof Nathan Sharp, Texas A&M University 
20 MarNeeds Versus Wants: Which Motivates More Effort?​
By Prof Alan Webb, University of Waterloo
13 MarPolicing Financial Markets: The Rhetorical Battle of Whistleblowing Short Sellers
By Assoc Prof Luc Paugam, HEC Paris
6 Mar
Reducing Short Selling Con​straints and Investment-Stock Price Sensitivity: Theory and Evidence​
By Asst Prof
 You-il (Chris) PARK, Nanyang Technological University
21 Nov
Messaging Without a Message: Executive Value and Social Media Activity
By Associate Professor Rencheng WANG, University of Melbourne
14 Nov
The Proprietary Cost of Disclosure: Evidence from Tracking Copycats' Digital Footprints
By Assistant Professor Sean CAO, Georgia State University
7 Nov
On the Informativeness of Unexpected Exclusions from Street Earnings
By Associate Professor Stephannie LAROCQUE, University of Notre Dame
17 Oct
Voluntary Disclosure and Investment When Outsiders and Insiders have Different Beliefs
By Professor Suil PAE, Sungkyunkwan University
12 Sep
Do Auditors Charge a Risk Premium? Evidence from the Association between Derivative Hedging and Audit Fees
By Assistant Professor Tharindra RANASINGHE, University of Maryland
29 Aug
​CEO Connectedness and the Cost of Capital
By Associate Professor Angie LOW, Nanyang Technological University
15 AugCan Organizational Identification Mitigate the CEO Horizon Problem?
By Professor Margaret Anne ABERNETHY, University of Melbourne
25 AprWhy Can't I Trade? Exchange Discretion in Calling Halts Around Important Information Events 
By Associate Professor Sarah ZECHMAN, University of Colorado at Boulder​
18 AprImpact of Climate Change on Firm Earnings By Associate Professor Artur HUGON, Arizona State University​
11 AprAvoiding China’s Capital Market: Evidence from Hong Kong-Listed Red-chips and P-chips
By Professor Grace POWNALL, Emory University​
4 AprLooking the Part: Does Audit Committee Expertise Reduce the Influence of Superficial Appearances in Auditor Selection and Compensation Decisions?​
By Professor Steven J KACHELMEIER, University of Texas at Austin​
14 MarVerification Procedures and Financial Reporting Quality: The Positive Effects of Negative Assurance Reviews
By ​Professor William KINNEY, University of Texas at Austin​
7 Mar
Should Employees be Given Second Chances? Evidence from A Quasi-Field Experiment
By Assistant Professor Steve Yu-Ching WU, University of Hong Kong
28 FebWhat should be the Null Hypothesis of Rational Expectation? - Evidence from Security Analysts and Machine Learning Assistant
By Professor Rui SHEN, Nanyang Technological University