Class Schedules

Graduate Class Schedule for Semester 1, AY2022/2023



Course Code/ TitleCourse ClassificationGroup/ SectionDay/ TimeInstructors/ Lecturer (s)Venue
AP7049 Proseminar in Art, Design and MediaCOREG1THU 
0930 - 1220
Assoc Prof Chul HeoADM ART-01-07
AP7049 Proseminar in Art, Design and MediaCOREG2THU
1630 – 1920
Assoc Prof Chul HeoADM-ART-01-07
AP7046 Design: An Asian PerspectiveELECTIVEG1WED
0930 - 1220
Assoc Prof Peer SathikhLearning Hub North (The Arc)
AP7054 Experiencing Art & TechnologyELECTIVEG1TUE 0930 - 1220Assoc Prof Louis-Philippe DemersADM ART-B1-03
AP7055 Art in the Age of Creative MachineELECTIVEG1TUE
1630 - 1920
Assoc Prof Ina Conradi ChavezADM ART-02-17


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