ADM Research Areas

Digital Humanities and Art 
This area explores the meanings of artwork and practice in the era of digital technologies and emerging technologies such as virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI), digital streaming, wearable technologies, interactive/participatory interface, and data science.

Culture and Identity 
We interrogate the cultural politics of identity and representation on design art, film, television, photographic art, social media, packaging art, fashion, animation, and any forms of presentational art. This cluster focuses on locating the question of power in the contexts of race, class, and gender. 

Culture and Heritage 
The Culture and Heritage cluster examines key issues and art practices in exploring the meaning and the role of cultural heritage in contemporary society, especially in Singapore. 

Art and Public Space

Where and when is art? Through interdisciplinary theories and critical lenses, we examine the meaning of art in public space with various research questions on participation, democracy, ritual practices, religion, and digital technology in historical and cultural contexts

Southeast Asian Art, Design and Media
While situating our scholarly inquiries in a Southeast Asian regional context, we explore the socio-cultural implications of various art forms including photographic art, media art, cinematic art, design art, interactive and participatory art, VR, data art, and many others.

Production Culture 
The production dimension of popular culture does research on production artists, production studios, production conventions, production styles, production conditions, production aesthetics, audience in the production process, art critics, art journalists, government agencies in art, etc. 

Art in Motion 
The Art in Motion cluster examines the theoretical and practical aspects of art in motion that becomes central in digital arts including film, character animation, real-time 3D storytelling, motion capture, motion graphics, stop motion, experimental filmmaking, visualizing data, installation arts, VR film, fictional & non-fictional animation, and sound art. 


Sight and Sound 
This cluster examines challenges and problems in applied aesthetics of visual image, sound image, cinematic expression, animation, design, interactive media, media interface, game, photography, and new media. It foregrounds the contextual power of aesthetic elements in narrative storytelling.​

Design Studies
This area explores the contributions of design led research methods in the contextual setting of everyday life of humans in the era of interconnected world through digital technologies in the near future as well as speculative approaches to conceptualising visual communication, products and object, space and the third dimension and interaction between humans as well as the emerging artificial intelligence.