Admission Criteria & Application

  • A Master’s degree from a recognized institution which is relevant to the proposed disciplines or areas of research; and
  • A Bachelor's degree with minimum 2nd class honours upper or Honours (Distinction) or equivalent; in a field relevant to the proposed research topic from a recognized university;​
  • For applicants whose mother tongue is not English, a good IELTS score of at least 7.0 is required. IELTS score must be attained within 2 years prior to date of application. This requirement is waived if applicants have earned their Bachelor's degree from a university where English is the medium of instruction (must be at least 3 years of study). For applicants whose Bachelor’s degree is not taught in the English language but they have earned a Master’s degree from an institution where the language of instruction is English, they are strongly encouraged to submit an IELTS test score of at least 7.0. Applicants may be asked to produce further proof to demonstrate their level of English proficiency on a case-by-case basis. 

  • To demonstrate the ability to pursue research in the applicant's proposed field of advanced study, applicants should include with their application a research proposal; artistic portfolio, if applicable; samples of academic writing; and a personal statement on why they intend to pursue the proposed area of study.

  • For applicants whose Master’s degrees are completed in 1 year or less, scholarly/academic writing samples in the English language should be submitted to demonstrate the level of English proficiency.

  • It is important to note that besides meeting the basic academic requirements, applicants will also be assessed on the strength of their portfolios which have to meet the highest professional and academic standards.

Nanyang Technological University's academic year commences in August and ends in July the following year. ADM has two intakes in January and August per academic year. The application deadline is shown below:


Application Period 

(To submit online application with supporting documents)

August 2025


Reviews of applications have begun. Interested applicants are encouraged to consider the next January 2025 intake.

To apply by 31 July 2024

January 2026

To apply by 31 July 2025

Applicants are selected for interviews on the basis of their academic record, portfolio, and research proposal. Your research proposal must show that you are ready to write a PhD thesis that can be supervised at the School of Art, Design and Media, NTU.

Interested applicants can submit an online admission application during the two application windows.

All excellent applications with research proposals from all areas in art, design and media are welcome, subject to the availability of potential supervisors. The School particularly welcomes research proposals in these  research areas

Applicants are reminded to submit their research proposals by using the template provided  here.


Please click this ​​​link to browse the proposed research interests of ADM faculty for AY2022/2023. Please note that this list is non-exhaustive. 

Please note that contacting a potential supervisor based on the alignment of your proposed research with his/her interests is optional. Even if you have done so, submitting an online application to the programme which you are applying for is still compulsory.

Applicants are requested to upload electronic copies of the following supporting documents via NTU’s on-line Graduate Application System. Documents uploaded must be in English language. Otherwise, they must be accompanied by certified translations in English language.

The code for ADM's Ph.D. programme is [184].

  • Academic transcripts and certificate for Bachelor degree (in English language and original language if applicable)

  • Academic transcripts and certificate for Master degree (in English language and original language if applicable)

  • A research proposal, with bibliography
    Click to download the research proposal template in Word

  • Artistic Portfolio
    An original and creative piece of work related to the proposed research area. It could be a drawing, computer animations, short films, etc. It could be an undergraduate essay or a published / unpublished article.

  • Scholarly writing sample  
    It could be an undergraduate essay, Master thesis, or a published / unpublished article

  • Report from 2 academic referees
    Before you provide the name and official institutional email address of your referees, please ensure that they have already agreed to fill out the online referee report form for your NTU application.

  • Personal statement
    A short essay on your aspirations and why you have identified ADM as the place to pursue your PhD.

  • IELTS, if applicable (Please ensure validity date within 2 years for the IELTS score).

  • Personal Particulars page of passport / Identification card

  • One recent passport-sized colour photograph​

  • A short introductory video (3 mins)
    Applicants can talk about their personal qualities, passion, motivation to pursue postgraduate study at NTU ADM, proposed research interests. Provide a URL of the video in the online application form or email [email protected]

Application Fee

Please note that with effect from 1 June 2018, when the Research application portal opens, all applicants will need to pay an application fee of $53.50 per programme.

The system only allows internet payment (VISA/MASTER).

How to Apply

Applications are to be submitted on-line at:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​