Academic Mentoring

The ADM Website is your primary source for information on the curriculum, registration and advisement and is meant to complement the University’s existing academic policies.

Student advisement on curriculum matters is handled by the faculty of the School. Each student will be assigned a faculty mentor (advisor) who will be your primary point of contact on curriculum advisement. You will be notified of your faculty mentor through email.

Academic advisement at ADM takes place during November and April for the subsequent terms. The academic advisement process usually begins with a meeting between each student and their mentor or a relevant faculty member, who recommend required and elective courses. You may make an appointment with your faculty advisor to discuss course schedules, matters in reference to your degree plans and any other aspect of the academic programmes offered by the School.

Each semester, there will be announced times that are set aside for academic advisement by faculty members in your major area. You are expected to attend these meetings to resolve any questions about your progress towards graduation. Furthermore, faculty have regular consultation hours throughout the semester (posted on office doors) that you should make use of, if and when you have any concerns with regards to specific courses or projects.

Part of the experience of a university education is learning to manage the responsibilities of your degree and balance the demands of your workload and life. It is important that you know when to ask for and seek help.

Ensure that you approach faculty members as soon as possible, if you feel that you are beginning to have difficulties and do not ignore any problems that arise until such time that the worst case scenario seems unavoidable. Faculty will be far more inclined to help you if you seek their advice well before the due-date for your work has fallen, rather than after it has passed. You may schedule an appointment with the School’s Assistant Director (Undergraduate Programmes) or Associate Chair (Academic), for additional advisement.

As students may sometimes have other personal difficulties, the College of HASS has appointed a Student Care Office to provide pastoral care and support to students.  Your faculty mentor may refer you to the Student Care Manager for your personal difficulties.  The Student Care Manager is usually at ADM on Tuesdays.  

Ms. Amber Li Mengyi
Student Care Manager
College of HASS
Office: ART-B1-12
Email: [email protected]
Tel: 6514 1097

The University also maintains an excellent resource to help you to manage your stress and adjust to university life. The University Wellbeing Centre provides free, confidential and professional counselling to students and offers individual and group programmes as well as open talks for students. Its various services can provide new perspectives on personal, study, or work-related concerns and help you to develop strategies to deal with these.

University Wellbeing Centre
#02-01 University Health Service Building
36 Nanyang Avenue
Singapore 639801
Telephone: 6790–4462

Email: [email protected]   
Website:  Student Wellbeing | NTU Singapore