Published on 25 Oct 2023

Campus Exhibition – Ars Electronica Festival 2023

During the summer, NTU's ADM left a lasting impression at the Ars Electronica Campus Exhibition

Butterfly’s Dreams: The New Aesthetic of AI in Artistic Practice

During the summer, NTU's ADM left a lasting impression at the Ars Electronica Campus Exhibition. Led by ADM students, this showcase not only highlighted the remarkable capabilities of NTU and ADM but also marked a historic moment as the first-ever participation of a Singaporean university on such a grand scale.


The exhibition, titled "Butterfly's Dreams" with the subtitle "The New Aesthetic of AI in Artistic Practice," explored the transformative potential of AI in fostering creativity and reimagining the art creation and experience. This theme seamlessly aligned with the overarching festival theme, "Who Owns the Truth?"


Ars Electronica, a renowned festival at the intersection of art, technology, and society, made a triumphant return to POSTCITY. With a remarkable attendance of 88,000 visitors, participation from 1,542 individuals representing 88 countries, including artists, scientists, developers, designers, and activists, along with support from 338 partners and sponsors, the event featured 650 exhibits and hosted 575 events over five days across 14 locations in Linz. The festival's central theme, "Who Owns the Truth?" sparked meaningful discussions and offered diverse perspectives on critical contemporary issues, including truth and ownership, interpretive authority, and sovereignty.


This successful participation was the result of a collective effort and underscored the importance of collaboration and innovative thinking in the realm of art and technology.