Published on 15 Feb 2023

Congratulations to our ADM Alumni Daryl Goh on his book ‘Design Innovation for Everyone’!

Congratulations to our ADM Alumni Daryl Goh on his book ‘Design Innovation for Everyone’ that will published end of this month.

Author Names: Daryl Goh and Dr Nicholas Teo

About the Authors:

Authors Daryl Goh and Dr Nicholas Teo have blended expertise in design and innovation in practice and education. Goh, an innovation consultant and angel investor, mentors in startup incubators and holds 2 masters degrees while Teo, an accomplished design anthropologist, holds a PhD in Design. Both are also educators in higher institutes of learning and have built reputable foresights into latent trends in the innovation economy, informed by the history of design.

Book Idea Description: Design & Innovation (D&I) for Everyone is a work & guide book that articulates various design concepts in the context of an innovation economy for individuals and organisations. Heavily informed by Daryl Goh’s and Nicholas Teo’s experiences in design and business, this book qualifies the theories with industry examples from Asia. The authors have also designed working canvases for readers who intend to practise design in the 5th industrial revolution.

Today’s organisations are expected to innovate to stay ahead in the present digital and VUCA (Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity) climate of work. But how do we make sure that invention is innovation? How do we use past data to predict the future and close the gap between user demands and latent demand for future products? Human-centric design, a methodology adopted by Design Thinking, leads the next phase of the innovation economy.

Design methodologies are critical for everyone intending to navigate today’s tech ecosystem and succeed. D&I for Everyone equips the individual with skills to embrace the impending human-technology symbiosis.