Published on 09 Oct 2023

Congratulations to the Visual Communication students: Lim Pei Xi, Thou Jia Wen, Yew Lik Zhun, Zhao Shiyuhan, Hur So Hyun and Nathaniel Joshua Dass!

These students DROP CAPS, designed under the creative direction of Danne Ojeda, have been published in the book A Garden for All by Epigram Book, Singapore.

The various typeface design by these students (2022–2023) were selected from among a wide number of proposals by Epigram Books, to be part of their recently launched book A Garden for All (2023), on the Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore First UNESCO World Heritage Site.


This project originated as an industry-oriented assignment in TYPOGRAPHY III, Visual Communication in 2022, whose outcome is the publishing of the produced typographical works emulating a real design commissioned scenario. To this effect, a group of students from this course, were invited to collaborate with Epigram Books under the creative direction of Associate Professor Danne Ojeda. Students conducted field research in the Singapore Botanic Gardens, after which they designed original DROP CAPS for the book A Garden for All.


ADM wishes to thanks to the EPIGRAM BOOKS team, and especially to Nikki Rosales, Head of Design, and Annisa Lintang Suminar, book designer, for their professionalism and enthusiasm in making possible such a wonderful collaboration between ADM students and EPIGRAM BOOKS!


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