Centre of Advanced Laser Technology


The TL@NTU Advanced Laser Technology team aims to lead the frontier research in laser technology. There are three main areas of research for this centre: 

  • Fibre Beam Combiner
  • High Power Fibre
  • High Power Laser Diode

Optical fibre

Fiber Beam Combiner

Led by Dr Lai Wennjing

Our research works mainly focus on the design and development of high-power fibre laser systems and fibre optic components operating at the near and mid IR regimes to meet the challenges of next generation defence applications.

We have successfully delivered high power Ytterbium and Thulium doped fiber laser with excellent beam quality, good slope efficiency operating at around 1 µm and 2 µm of wavelength. In addition, we also fabricate low loss fiber beam combiners for high power operations. 

kW Ytterbium doped fiber laser system: physical system, thermal analysis, and beam quality analysis



Fibre Drawing Tower

High Power Fibre Team

Led by Prof Yoo Seongwoo

A cutting-edge fibre technology has opened a new pathway to the frontier of fibre optics and photonics. With the state-of-the-art fibre drawing facility, we have been leading the development of specialty fibres for fibre lasers and devices in various applications spanning from direct energy to quantum photonics. 

Modified-Chemical-Vapour-Deposition (MCVD) in action to develop highly efficient laser fibre preform.

We have In-house capability to design and fabricate spatial mode control fibre for extremely high-powered laser beyond the ultimate self-focusing limit, and specialty fibre for transverse mode suppression in high power ultrafast fibre laser applications.

Selected in-house fibres of large-mode-area design, high nonlinearity, amplifier fibres, hollow core fibres, multi-core fibres, and illuminating fibres.


Researcher adjusting sample

High Power Laser Diode

Led by Dr Liu Chong Yang

In TL@NTU, our research works in this field mainly focus on the design, fabrication and characterization of high power semiconductor lasers ~ 980 nm wavelength range.

We have successfully developed the whole fabrication process of high power laser diode in Tl@NTU, including facet coating, chip on submount bonding. And we have fabricated high power laser diode based on laser bar technology as well as based on single emitter technology.

Whole high power semiconductor laser fabrication process at TL@NTU