Celebrating 20 years of Defence Research Excellence

Temasek Laboratories@NTU (TL@NTU) has made significant contributions to defense ecosystem's R&D over the past two decades.  This milestone not only demonstrates our commitment to pushing the boundaries of knowledge but it also reflects the unwavering dedication of our talented researchers and collaborators. We invite you to join us in celebrating this joyous milestone!

20th Anniversary Messages

Mr Cheong Chee Hoo

Mr Cheong Chee Hoo

CEO, DSO National Laboratories

Chairman, Temasek Laboratories@NTU

Over the past two decades, Temasek Laboratories@NTU (TL@NTU) has been at the forefront of innovation, research, and collaboration, making significant contributions to the advancement of Singapore’s defence science and technology.

From our humble beginnings, we have grown into a beacon of excellence, a testament to the dedication and brilliance of our talented team. Together, we have pushed the boundaries and achieved milestones that have not only shaped the trajectory of our laboratory but have also left a lasting impact on the global scientific community.

One such example would be the Microsystems Technology Design Centre which has now been recognised as the National Gallium Nitride Technology Centre. This evolution is a source of immense pride, showcasing the tangible results of leveraging TL@NTU’s achievements on a national scale.

Our success is deeply rooted in the spirit of collaboration. I extend heartfelt appreciation to our partners, stakeholders, and the entire Temasek Laboratory family for their unwavering support. The synergy between academia, industry, and government has been instrumental in our journey, fostering an environment where ideas flourish into breakthroughs for our defence community.

Looking ahead, we are committed to continuing our pursuit of excellence, pushing the boundaries of knowledge, and addressing the complex challenges that lie ahead. As we reflect on our past achievements, let us be inspired by the possibilities that the future holds.

Moving ahead, I'm confident that the TL@NTU will continue to shine in the next 20 years and beyond. The future lies securely in the capable hands of our dedicated researchers.

Assoc Prof Teo Hang Tong Edwin

Director, Temasek Laboratories@NTU

On this landmark occasion of our 20th anniversary, all members of TL should be very proud of what we have achieved in the last 20 years. Beyond technical and scientific achievements, it is the people that I interact with day in day out that gives me extreme pride to lead TL@NTU. Not only do I have the privilege to work with some of the best scientific and engineering minds here but also people with great passion in their work. Many of these people were around since day 1, 20 years ago….Thinking back then to what the pioneer batch had to do, with limited resources no less, it often boggles the mind to see the kind of audacious projects they dared to even propose and actually accomplished with extended goals no less! These are guys that made “yesterday's impossible today’s possible”. Without a doubt, their engineering talent played a big part in their success but beyond that, it is really their tenacity, creativity, commitment and above all else, their sense of duty that saw them through, knowing full well that whatever they are doing will have an impact on Singapore's defence and security. This continued sense of duty together with the culture of driving impact and innovation is still felt in TL today and continues to inspire all of us here.

In these 20 years we had our share of challenges. Seemingly insurmountable technical challenges, impossible deadlines, ever increasing and varying targets…we have seen them all…and through it all we prevailed. Of course, in these 20 years, we had our pitfalls. We fell, but we always picked ourselves up. We learned, we got better, we adapted and we grew stronger. This “never give up” attitude is in our very DNA and will continue to serve us well into the future. No one can predict for certainty what kind of technological challenges will await us in the next 20 years but because of the people we have today, I am confident we will handle it well. So to the future challenges I say, bring it on!

Dr Yeo Siew Yam

Deputy Director, Temasek Laboratories@NTU

Since joining TL@NTU in 2016 as its deputy director, I have witnessed an incredible transformation. TL@NTU has continued to evolve strongly into a research and innovation powerhouse in this short span. As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, it's the perfect time to reflect on what makes this journey so inspiring.

TL@NTU's growth is remarkable. In 2019, five centres of excellence and an emerging technology cluster were formed to sharpen our research focus. Over this period, we have welcomed 20% more faculty collaborators, showcasing our commitment to fostering a dynamic academic community. Initiatives like the Nanyang DSO Postgraduate Program, the expanded SEED (white space) research funding, and Research Excellence Awards have been introduced. These help to attract and retain exceptional researchers. Even amidst the COVID-19 pandemic's disruptions, TL@NTU has continued to shine, winning the prestigious Defence Technology Prize in 2023.

What sets TL@NTU apart is our DNA, a legacy shaped by past visionaries (the various TL@NTU Directors, Board Chairman and MINDEF Chief Defence Scientists). Our core values include purposeful work, adaptability, resilience, succession planning, empowerment, caring for our staff, think win-win, and setting audacious goals. These values define our ethos and are the pillars of our success.

As we celebrate our 20th anniversary, we confront a future marked by disruptive technologies and supply chain uncertainties. Our commitment to our core values ensures our resilience, adaptability, and continuity. These principles are our guiding light, empowering us to navigate uncharted waters and shape the future.

Here's to another 20 years of making a lasting and continuous impact.


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