Our People

Management Team

TL@NTU Management Team

Temasek Laboratories @ NTU's Management Team consists of Director, Deputy Director, and Programme Directors of all centres. 

From Left to Right: 

Mr Yeo Siew Yam, Deputy Director of TL@NTU, Programme Director of CALT & KET, email: ysiewyam@ntu.edu.sg

Dr Subramaniam Arulkumaran, Programme Director of CMT, email: Subramaniam@ntu.edu.sg

Assoc Prof Teo Hang Tong Edwin, Director of TL@NTU, Programme Director of CAM, email: htteo@ntu.edu.sg

Dr Sirajudeen s/o Gulam Razul, Programme Director of CCSP, email: ESirajudeen@ntu.edu.sg

Prof Gan Chee Lip, Programme Director of CHA, email: CLGan@ntu.edu.sg

Prof Ng Geok Ing, Programme Director of CMT, email: EGING@ntu.edu.sg


Administrative Team

TL@NTU Adminstrative Team


Mr Samuel Lee, Manager, email: kc.LEE@ntu.edu.sg

Ms Lyne Tan Ling Lih, Senior Executive, PA to Director of TL, email: lyne.tan@ntu.edu.sg

Mr Jonathan Teo, Assistant Manager, HR, email: jonathan.teolp@ntu.edu.sg

Ms Tricia Tan Jia Mei, Executive, HR, email: tricia.tanjm@ntu.edu.sg

Ms Kaylene Koh Zi Han, Executive, Projects, Procurement, email: kaylenekoh@ntu.edu.sg

Ms Leong Fei Ni, Senior Executive, Projects, Finance, email: fnleong@ntu.edu.sg

Ms Ng Chu Ying, Assistant Manager, Finance, Procurement, email: NGCY@ntu.edu.sg

Ms Ng Chye Hoon (Sherry), Senior Executive, Procurement, email: chyehoon@ntu.edu.sg

Mr Alvin Leong Chee Kiong, Senior Executive, IT, Asset, email: alvinL@ntu.edu.sg

Mr Tan Can Yu, Senior Assistant Manager, Safety, Facilities, Asset, email: TANCY@ntu.edu.sg