Research Programme

[email protected] SEED RESEARCH PROJECT (SRP)

Temasek Laboratories @NTU conducts call for proposals for the Seed Research Project annually to take advantage of emerging opportunities from recent scientific advances. The primary considerations in funding the seed research projects are novelty, potential impact and relevance in defence applications. The work may include conducting preliminary research, building computer model and/or physical proof-of-concept prototype, collecting data and studying the feasibility of technical ideas.

Possible research areas are:

1. Centre of Communication and Signal Processing (CCSP)

  • High performance minimum data rate wireless sensor network
  • Unsupervised Cellular/WiFi devices fingerprinting

2. Centre of Hardware Assurance (CHA)

  • Machine-Learning resilient combinational logic locking
  • AI for PCB/Chip images prediction for chip analysis

3. Centre of Advanced Material (CAM)

  • Development of high performance and precision 3D printable materials as for high performance and functional applications
  • Expanding the horizon of pre-ceramic polymer systems for applications in harsh environment
  • Advanced 3D printing for Ceramics and Polymers 

4. Centre of Advanced Laser Technology (CALT)

  • Targeting for potential quantum sensing
  • Optical atomic clock application


Applicants are allowed to initiate collaborative research project with professors or researchers in NTU, or other universities and research institutes. The research project may involve graduate and undergraduate students if applicable.

Open to all faculty in NTU and [email protected] researchers. The research work of the seed project shall be carried out in NTU.

Deadline for application: 12 April 2023


[email protected] Behavioural Communication & Science Programme (BCSP) 2022


The call for proposal for [email protected] BCSP 2022 is now open. You can find out more details about the topics and details of the call here: TL Call for proposal - BCSP 2022 Final.