Programme and Curriculum

The School of Biological Sciences is committed to implement current best practices in the training of our graduate students. Our main objective is to produce research scientists, who have deep and wide knowledge to be competitive in today’s global research and work environment. Our graduate students enrolled in graduate programmes by research may be admitted on a full-time or part-time basis. They will receive supervision and guidance by faculty members to conduct research projects aligned to the overall objectives of their chosen laboratories. We also provide advanced learning and hands-on training through foundation courses and practical modules. 
Our research areas include:

Ph.D. Programme

The School of Biological Sciences has trained and graduated more than 500 Ph.D. students. Promising scholars and researchers interested in the above mentioned fields are encouraged to apply. Prestigious scholarships will be awarded to successful applicants.

In addition to the research work, Ph.D. students are required to complete 4 course modules, Research Communication for Graduate Studies, Teaching Assistantship Programme and Transferable Skills Modules within stipulated period of the Ph.D. candidature. Graduate English Course may apply to some students. The final requirements include the submission of a Ph.D. dissertation and an oral examination.

M.Sc. Programme

Our school offers M.Sc. by research. M.Sc. students are required to fulfil course work requirement of 3 course modules and Transferable Skills Modules within the candidature period; and conduct original research leading to a M.Sc. dissertation. 

Candidature Periods
For higher degrees by research, candidates may be admitted as full-time or part-time students. The minimum and maximum periods of candidature for both full-time and part-time are as follows:

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