Description of Research Category

21st century is often called the century of the brain. Not surprisingly, brain studies mainly focussed on neurobiology, (biology of the brain) flourished all over the world.

In NTU neuroscience cluster, we study brain and behaviour at multi-level complexity. Starting from behaviour to the clinical applications of brain science, our groups have focused on the following specific areas:

  1. Behaviour: Learning, memory, place cells, neuropsychiatric disease models (Ayumu, Rupshi, Ajay, Albert)
  2. Brain Structure function
      a. Ayumu @ in viro recording place cells
      b. Rupshi @ neuronal & synaptic structure connectivity
  3. Proteins & Molecules (Ajay, Ayumu, Rupshi, Albert)
  4. Disease Models: Stem Resilience, Dementia

Research Directory

Ethoneuro Lab