Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC)

  1. Every new PhD student will need to form a Thesis Advisory Committee (TAC) within 8 months after enrolment into the graduate programme. The committee should have at least 3 members: the supervisor and two other members. The student’s main supervisor as Chair of the Committee and 2 committee members, one of whom should preferably be a faculty member from outside the School.
  2. The objective of the committee is to provide guidance to the graduate student throughout the student’s course of study.
  3. The committee should meet the student in the 8th month, 30th month and 42nd month from the date of admission to determine the progress of the student and to provide guidance and advice.
  4. The committee shall decide if the student has done sufficient research and has enough data for writing the final dissertation. Should there be disputes on academic matters between the student and the supervisor such as time to write the final dissertation and etc, the committee should review the progress made by the student thus far and recommend the best action.
  5. The committee may also recommend the termination of PhD candidature if the progress made by the student is deemed minimal or unsatisfactory.

See the recommended timeline for TAC meetings below.