Graduate Assistantship Programme

In view of the conditions set forth by NTU for Research Scholarships, and keeping in line with the guidelines set by the Ministry of Education (MOE) for teaching assistantship (TA), the school implemented undergraduate supervision/teaching by graduate students as a training component for our Ph.D. students.

SBS and the other schools under the College of Science have mandated all Ph.D. scholars under the MOE funding to complete 208 TA hours (Singaporeans and Singapore permanent residents) and 416 TA hours (international students) through the entire candidature of the Ph.D. student.

We have also considered the best practices from other universities and have decided that undergraduate teaching should be a required component of post-graduate training. Fulfilment of the teaching requirement is necessary and a condition for final thesis submission for all students. Students are encouraged to start fulfilling the teaching requirement prior to their confirmation exercises. There will be no remuneration until the full teaching requirement is completed.

Below are guidelines pertaining to the undergraduate supervision/ teaching requirement.

All students who are on MOE and NTU funding [RSS; project/program-based scholarships (Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3, CRP, NRF); IGS; SINGA; *NPGS* etc] are required to complete 208 hours or 416 hours of undergraduate supervision/teaching without remuneration during the entire PhD candidature. *As specified in the offer letter*.

Assignments which qualify as ‘teaching duties’:
  1. Undergraduate tutorials [1]
  2. Undergraduate practical classes [1]
  3. Marking of assignments e.g. quiz, practical reports, etc [3]
  4. FYP project supervision [2]
    (30 hours maximum per FYP student supervised)
  5. Supervision of BS9001(Research Experience), URECA and other undergraduate attachment/internship [2]
    (30 hours maximum per student supervised)
  6. Invigilation for CA (continual assessment) and exams [3]
  7. SBS outreach activities [3]
NoMode Of Clocking Graduate Assistantship Programme Hours (Per Candidature)SBS Approved GAP Hours
1Teaching Hrs/Laboratory Supervision60% (minimum) to 100% of total GAP hours.
(250 to 416 hours for IS; 125 to 208 hours for SG, SPR)
2Research Assistant duty, inclusive of research supervisionUp to 30% of total GAP hours.
(0 to 125 hours for IS; 0 to 62 hours for SG, SPR)
3Other developmental assignments
(marking assignment, outreach activities etc)
Up to 10% of total GAP hours.
(0 to 41 hours for IS; 0 to 21 hours for SG, SPR)
**IS: International Student, SG: Singapore Citizen & SPR: Singaporean Permanent Resident**