Programme Structure and Curriculum

Assessment and Exams

  • Assessment for each module will be based on a final exam and/or continuous assessment which should nominally involve practical (mini project) components.
  • The practicum will be supervised by faculty members with inputs from industrial collaborating partners (where applicable). Assessment is performed by supervisor and an examiner based on a final project report and presentation.
Course CodeCourse TitleAUs

Essential Bio-statistics and Bio-mathematics

(For AI & Bioinformatics tracks)


Biostatistics & Data Analytics for Omics Applications

(For Biotechnology track)

Total 2

Course CodeCourse TitleAUs

Students are allowed to choose maximum 1 course from other specialisation track and 2 from main track or 3 courses from main track.
(All students registering for BS6206 will need to undergo a selection process by the course coordinator)
BS6215 is considered a Bioinformatics track and a Biotechnology track course.

AI TrackBS6206Experiential Data Science3
BS6207Advanced Artificial Intelligence for Biomedical Data Science3
BS6208Biological Big Data3
Bioinformatics TrackBS6213
The Reflective Scientist
BS6214Computational Approaches in Biology
BS6215Computational Modeling of Biological Networks3
Biotechnology TrackBS6216Research and Development of Modern Biopharmaceutics3
BS6217Advanced Synthetic Biology3
BS6218Advanced Cell Imaging and Image Analysis3
Total  9
Course CodeCourse TitleAUs
  • Research Project in BII, NTU or Industry
  • Industry arrangements requires joint supervision
  • Final report and Final Year Project and Oral Presentation
  • Full-Time students will commence practicum internship in Year 1, Trimester 3
  • Part-Time students will commence practicum internship in Year 2, Trimester 3
Total 9