Collaboration between ARTC/ASTAR and NTU to focus on
  • Space Testing of 3-D Printing Technology and Advanced Space Material

Satellite will demonstrate the following payload items in space:

  1.  3D printed main structure panel/frame.
  2.  Phase-Change Material (PCM) based thermal panel operation. 
  3.  3D printed antenna with wave guide 
  4.  Shape Memory Polymer (SMP) material

Long-term goal is to have a certifiable process for integrated, lightweight and additively manufactured satellite parts.

Thermal Vacuum Test
Thermal Vacuum Test
Bus Electronic Assembly
Bus Electronic Assembly
Orbit​Near equatorial 550-km orbit (TBC)
​Design lifetime1 year for LEO
​Dimensions (L x W x H)​Launch: 55.7 x 30.3 x 48.2 cm3
Orbit: 53.8 x 96.6 x 48.2 cm3
​Mass23 kg
4 fine sun-sensors,  8 coarse sun-sensors, 2 IMUs
3 magnetorquers, 3 reaction wheels
Solar panels

2 deployable solar panels (29.9 Wp ea.), Fix body solar panel, 21.36 Wp. 

Total 81.16 Wp BOL
40.8 Ah @ 7.3 V nominal, 2s6p Li-Ion cells. 
Total 297.84Wh
​TT&C & Payload Downlink​1200bps UHF ASFK uplink, 10Mbps X band downlink 
PCM Panels 1 & 2 (22 x 22 x 2.5 cm3 | 2.5 kg ea.)
X-band Antenna, Power Amplifier, SMP
Launch adapterIBL-230 for PSLV
LaunchJuly 2023