Satellite Process


The following provides an overview of classification of work required for a successful satellite program.

  1. Satellite
  2. Ground Station – mission control and operation
  3. Launch
  4. Data Analysis


Since the setup of SaRC, the centre has designed, built, tested, launched and operated 9 satellites. Nanosatellites with non-space grade chips have been flight proven for more than 2 years. The actual operational data has given SaRC a further understanding of the design and performance requirement of satellite.

The modules required in a Satellite system are:

  • On Board Computer
  • Communication module (UHF/VHF/S/X Band or etc)
  • Attitude Determination and Control System (ADCS)
  • Power system (Solar Panel)
  • Payload (eg Camera, sensor…etc)


In order to execute a program, organisation of the team to enable efficient execution is important. Different expertise are required to be coordinated in a satellite program.


The subsystems in a satellite have to be individually tested and validated before integration stage.
The initial stage is the setup of flatsat (2D model), thereafter a Qualification Model (3D model) is built to be tested under stringent specifications. Once qualified, the actual flight model is built for launch. Calculation, simulation and test are done to validate and verify the operation.

List of some key processes:

  • Thermal analysis
  • Structure analysis
  • Power Budget
  • Mass Budget
  • Link Budget
  • Mission Plan
  • Thermal Cycle Test
  • Thermal Vacuum Test
  • Vibration Test
  • Shock Test
  • EMC Test
  • E2E test (End to End)
  • Qualification and Flight level test
  • Mechanical Property Measurement

QM : Qualification Model
FM: Flight Model
STM: Structure Model
PFM: Proto- Flight Model

5. Mission Control Operation​

Mission and satellite control is an important aspect of satellite design. It needs to be well planned at the early implementation stage to achieve successful execution of satellite control operation.

SaRC’s mission control centre is operating 24/7 automatically for all satellites.