SCOOB-II is the second satellite built in the Student Satellite Series (S3- II) at the Satellite Research Centre (SaRC) at NTU School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering under its hands-on student training program. The first satellite was the Student Satellite Series (S3-I) or SCOOB-I was launched in 2022 July and worked successfully demonstrating space technology in many areas developed by students at SaRC. SCOOB-II is the size of a shoe box and carries a advanced electronics test operations in space. Students on the spacecraft through the Design and innovation Projects (DIP), Final Year Projects (FYP), Masters and PhD work. 

The SCOOB-II spacecrafts will carry an attitude determination control system that will help the spacecraft point at the sun and two deployable solar panels that will help SCOOB-II to generate about 3 times the power that was generated from SCOOB-I. This will enable SCOOB-II to run the power intensive customer payload. 
Flight Model
Orbit​Near equatorial, 530 km altitude
​Design lifetime6 months- 1 year for LEO
​Dimensions (L x W x H)
Stowed: 340 x 100 x 100 mm3
Deployed: 393 x 393 x 340 mm3
​Mass4.1 kg
​ADCS​Determination accuracy < 5o (2 x FSS, 2 x CSS, 1 x 3-axis Magnetometer, 3 x MTQ, 3 x RW)

1 x 3U body-mounted solar panel, 2 x 3U Deployable panel, 20W power generated

44.4 Wh Li-Po @ 7.4 V
​TT&C9600 bps UHF 2GFSK
​Payload​1U high power electronic payload
Launch Adapter3U deployer from ISRO – INLS 3U
LaunchJuly 2023