Research Facilities and Equipment

Satellites have been designed, built, tested and operated at the centre for more than 10 years.

SaRC has been improving, maintaining, and upgrading the satellite equipment and facilities to meet the demanding space applications. The centre is open to share and work with partners on the usage/rental of facilities.

Do contact us to enquire on the specification and availability of the test equipment/facility.


Mission Control Centre

6.1m Antenna System

5K Clean Room

Controlled Clean Room

ESD Controlled Lab

Satellite Assembly Facilities

Thermal Vacuum Chamber

Vacuum Chamber for Thruster Testing

Vacuum Chamber

Thermal Chamber

GNSS Simulator

EMC Shield Tent

Helmholtz Cage -2 axis position and Rate Table

Portable UHF and VHF Ground Station

Power sub-system

Simulation set-up (Power Subsystem)

UHF and VHF ground Station

UHF and VHF ground Station