VELOX-CI Tropical Climate Satellite


VELOX-CI is a satellite program funded by EDB. The objective is to develop and launch a tropical weather monitoring satellite into a near equatorial orbit to take advantage of a high revisit rate over Singapore.

Scope of the program

  • Development of ​a 3D atmospheric measurement payload comprises of a GPS occultation module and radio frequency probe
  • Radiation tolerance computer board using hybrid hardware and software redundancy
  • Hybrid Attitude Determination System (ADS) using GPS measurement
  • Real-time star tracking algorithm for attitude determination

Orbit​Near equatorial orbit, altitude 550 km
Mission Life3 years
Dimensions615mm x 608mm x 848mm
Mass123 kg
​Attitude Knowledgel​ess than 0.2 degree @ 3 sigma
​Pointing Accuracy​less than 2 degree @ 3 sigma
Solar Panels​​24 series x 10 strings for 3 panels
Battery Capacity​​20Ah @EOL​
​RF Link​S-band Up/Downlink (32 kbps, BPSK)
X-band Down-link (160Mbps)
Paylo​ads​​Radio occultation payload
Experimental RF probe​
EQM Vibration Test
​EQM Vibration Test 
Radio Occultation Payload
​Radio Occultation Payload
Star tracki​ng software
Star tracki​ng software