Welcome to NTU Satellite Research

Satellite Research Centre (SaRC) is the birthplace of Singapore Designed Satellite. Since the 1st launch of XSAT in 2011, SaRC has designed, built, tested and operated 9 satellites (as of 2020). These satellites which are as small as 1U size (10cmx10cmx10cm) communicate with our UHF/VHF ground station and satellites as large as 100 kg utilize our state-of-the-art 24/7 automated mission control station.

There are various R&D programmes locally and internationally, whereby we push for new Science and Technology breakthroughs with various interdisciplinary experts. There are also student programmes running in parallel, for undergraduate and postgraduate students to be exposed to the practical aspects of the satellite and space environment.

Media showcases

Ku & Ka Band SAR on UAV

Observe the radar images from Ku & Ka Band SAR (Synthetic-Aperture Radar) Drone!

VELOX-II Assembly

VELOX-II Timelapse

VELOX-II NTU 6U nanosatellite - from assembly, test, launch and operation.