Director's Message

Lim Wee Seng

Satellite Research Centre (SaRC) prides itself as an innovative centre that pro​vides an exciting and dynamic research environment for aspiring satellite and space enthusiasts. Within the centre, we have a well-mixed team of researchers and engineers who bring with them different expertise and experience, working towards a common goal of achieving excellence and innovation in space technology. Externally, collaborations with local and international organisations have created much synergy and excellent output. These collaborations provide great opportunities and exposures to our faculty, researchers, engineers, postgraduate and undergraduate students.

We made history when the 1st Singapore built satellite, XSAT was developed and launched in 2011. The success of this satellite has led to the formation of a joint venture comprising NTU, DSO and ST Electronics, to manage the manufacturing and services for small satellite businesses. Subsequently, five VELOX series satellites were launched in India and Russia within 4 years, making us the most sought after satellite research centre.

The successful launches of the VELOX series satellites (VELOX is a Latin word which means swift, quick or speedy) have thus demonstrated our capabilities in the design and operation of pico / nano satellites in space. Through this journey, our team has designed valuable space heritage modules and technologies, which are essential building blocks for future exploration. These accumulated expertise, experiences and space facility setups have laid a strong foundation for SaRC to seek new frontier in the space research industry.

Lim Wee Seng
Executive Director, SaRC