Global Programmes in NIE

The National Institute of Education (NIE) is an autonomous institute of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. NIE is a leading teacher training institution. In NIE, we offer broad-based and multi-disciplinary curricula to our student teachers.

The International and School Partnerships (ISP) unit from the Office of Teacher Education in NIE is the place to go to for all your favourite exchange programmes. The ISP aims to expand opportunity for young talents from NIE by offering a comprehensive local and global education opportunity with renowned partner universities in Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, Finland, France, Hong Kong SAR, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines,  Switzerland, Sweden, Taiwan and United States of America. Student teachers can choose from either doing a semester or/and 5-week international practicum with the partner universities.

A rich array of Global Programmes for both incoming international exchange students is provided as well as outgoing student teachers.


Global Programmes - Teacher Education (TE)

NIE Science of Learning

NIE Singapore Undergraduate Online

Calling all local and international students, unlock the doors to some of our selected Degree courses in a whole new way. Join us for a 4-week virtual summer programme happening every July, where you can immerse yourself in up to two captivating courses of your choice. Whether you are awaiting entrance into UG programmes, a postgraduate student, or even a seasoned teacher, this flexible online format is perfect for you.

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TE Inbound Programmes

Learn beyond textbooks and classrooms. Be a part of the daily life of a local school, interact with students, teachers, and administrators, and witness the inner workings of Singapore's renowned education system. Connect with students and teachers, embrace the culture, and forge lifelong friendships.

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TE Outbound Programmes

Expand your horizons as you embrace new teaching methodologies, interact with diverse students and faculty, and gain invaluable insights into global education. Beyond academics, this experience fosters personal growth and cultural exploration, offering you the chance to create lifelong memories, forge international connections, and develop a global mindset.

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Global Programmes - Sport Science & Management (SSM)


SSM Inbound Programmes

The SSM programme in NIE NTU, Singapore is the first and only autonomous university in Singapore to offer sport science and sport management related courses. We welcome students visiting from other institutions having interest in disciplines like sport physiology, biomechanics, skill acquisition, psychology, sport management and coaching to join us on one of our courses for an academically and culturally enriching exchange experience.

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SSM Outbound Programmes

With a robust network of over 350 esteemed partner universities in nearly 40 countries worldwide, NTU's Global Education and Mobility (GEM) initiatives, including the GEM Explorer and GEM Discoverer programmes are designed to inspire and empower SSM students in their pursuit of global horizons and offering a myriad of exciting opportunities to help them explore, learn, and grow.

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