Published on 02 Dec 2022

Associate Professor Rita Elaine Silver co-edits a book on the role of language in content pedagogy

Assoc Prof Rita Elaine Silver, Associate Dean of Research Design & Integrity at the Office of Education Research (OER), and Associate Professor at NIE’s English Language & Literature Academic Group (ELL SG), co-edited a book titled, “The role of language in content pedagogy: A framework for teachers’ knowledge”, alongside Dr Seah Lay Hoon from the National University of Singapore and Assoc Prof Mark C. Baildon from United Arab Emirates University.

This book is the 4th volume and part of the book series, “Studies in Singapore Education: Research, Innovation & Practice”, which is edited by Dr David Hung, Dean of Education Research and Centre Director of Science of Learning in Education Centre (SoLEC), and Dr Dennis Kwek, Centre Director of the Centre for Research in Pedagogy & Practice, Associate Dean of Strategic Engagement and Senior Research Scientist at OER.

This book explores the importance of language in content learning, and focuses on teachers’ roles, knowledge and understanding of language in school contexts (including academic language and disciplinary languages) to support students. It examines teachers' language-related knowledge base for content teaching, which include teachers' knowledge of and about language, knowledge of (their) students and their pedagogical knowledge. This book also explores how teachers’ knowledge of language, students and content are linked as part of a larger pedagogical content knowledge, which includes knowledge of the role of language in content learning. As well, it further considers literacy (and literacies) as part of this examination of teachers’ knowledge of language.