Biological Work

  1. The Principal Investigator (PI) shall register all funded projects involving biological agents or microorganisms and their toxins, which are defined in the relevant schedules in BATA (some microorganisms or toxins may not be listed) and GMOs, by submitting a biological project application form with the approved risk assessment form to the NTU-IBC via the NTU online system. A Biological Project Number (BPN) will be given upon approval by NTU-IBC.
  2. If GMOs are involved, the PI shall submit a GMAC Proposal Form of Genetic Manipulation Work together with the BPN application. These will be forwarded to the respective authority for clearance after internal review by the NTU-IBC. The PI can only commence work after they have obtained a BPN. Any change in the scope or location of work will require a new BPN application.
  3. If the PI is not a NTU staff but needs to utilize NTU facilities for biological projects, authorization has to be sought for him to be a NTU staff so that he can submit the online application to the NTU-IBC for review and approval. The information for the approval process will be communicated only  to the authorized NTU staff.
  4. NTU PIs who work in non-NTU facilities need to notify the NTU-IBC about their funded biological projects. Biosafety reviews and approvals of the projects may be given by the host IBC.
  5. All PIs are accountable for the inventory of biohazardous agents in the laboratories. The PI shall ensure a minimum half yearly stock take of the biological inventory and a monthly inspection of the laboratories.
  6. MSE Safety Requirements for Biological Work
  7. List of Biological Agents and Toxins (BATA) regulated under the Ministry of Health (MOH)
  8. Information on GMAC
  9. Mandatory Safety Training Requirements for Biological Users
    E-learning on
        i) Basic Biosafety Training Course: Module 1 (OHS2BBL01)
        ii) Basic Biosafety Training Course: module 2 (OHS2BBP01) (Click here for guidelines)
  10. For further enquiries, please contact the BPN Administrators