Bachelor of Engineering in Materials Engineering with Second Major in Sustainability

Single Degree with 2nd Major

The Materials Engineering Programme with a 2nd Major in Sustainability integrates materials engineering with relevant courses to provide understanding on how the environment, economy and society interact, and applying this to develop engineering solutions and technological innovations. 
Admission requirements for this programme, including minimum subject requirements for students with A-level, IB, international and other qualifications, as well as acceptable polytechnic diplomas are available in the NTU Admissions website.
The structure of the Bachelor of Engineering with a Second Major in Sustainability programme includes the requirements of both Engineering and Sustainability majors within the typical candidature of 4 years. Students need to fulfil a minimum total of 30 AU (compulsory courses + electives + interdisciplinary project) for the second major in Sustainability.
Students are required to complete at least 1 core course in each knowledge area (People, Planet, Profit, Practice and Policy), elective courses, and interdisciplinary project (3 AU). A minimum total of 30 AU has to be completed (core courses in each knowledge area + electives + interdisciplinary project) for the 2nd major in Sustainability.

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