Calcium Imaging System


CSB L10 Support Room 2

Inverted microscope (Leica DMI6000) with motorised stage, filter turret, nosepiece

Assorted objective lenses from 5x to 100x 

Assorted filter cubes (15) that cover entire visible spectrum, including FURA2, CFP/YFP and NADH 

DG4PLUS-OF30 light source for fast filter switching

Dual-channel patch-clamp amplifier; motorised Micromanipulator MP285R

Cube & Box temperature control system 

Perfusion valve 8-channel control system with perfusion manifolds; peristaltic digital pump

Software autofocus for longterm imaging

Photometrics Evolve 512 Delta backilluminated EMCCD camera for fluorescence imaging; Leica DFC450C digital camera for H&E imaging

MetaMorph Control Software

Suitable for Ca-imaging in islets and islet cells, electrophysiology of islets and islet cells, live cell/fixed cell imaging