Exchange Programmes

Overseas Exchange Programmes allow students to read courses and/or to work overseas. Earned academic units will be counted towards graduation requirements. The benefits of such programmes include the nourishment of the learning experience of students through the following ways:

  • experience of an international education
  • developing global perspectives
  • cultural immersion
  • facilitates any learning of foreign languages
  • networking opportunities

MAE Exchange Briefing Video AY2023/2024

Click here for MAE Exchange Briefing Video AY2023/2024



Important Information

Fee-paying Semester Exchange is NOT available. Students interested in semester exchange at NTU partner universities should apply via GEM Explorer/GEM Discoverer.

Course Matching:

The following course matching will not approved by MAE:

EG0001 Engineers and Society/ EG1001 Engineers in Society

- Approval will not be given to course matching for courses no longer offer in NTU even if it was previously approved in Coursefinder. For instance, MA4877 Spaceflight Dynamics and Control.

-With effect from Summer 2020, HW0188 Engineering Communication and HW0288 Engineering Communication  will not be allowed to take during overseas exchange/ summer studies.

- *NEW* From AY2022/2023 onwards, no Core Courses credit transfer is allowed for GEM Discoverer Summer Exchange.

AU Projection:

Please note the following time for each finalization purpose:

  • Students must submit the AU Projection list within the deadline mentioned on the E-Notification. 
  • Finalization of AU projection only after you confirm all your registered courses at the host university. You can only submit this once.
  • Submit credit transfer after you receive your official transcript (with University’s seal and signature)​




Special Term
Minimum CGPA Year of Study Other Criteria
Semester Exchange GEM Explorer 3.3  Refer to OGEM website.
​GEM VEnturer​3.3 Refer to OGEM website Refer to OGEM website.
Overseas Internships ProgrammeN.A.Year 3 standingTo meet all pre-requisites for attachment 
SUSEP​3.5Students must have completed one semester of studies at the point of application and two semesters at the point of admission to the host University. Also, students must not have prior participation in the Singapore Universities Student Exchange Programme. ​
Special TermGEM Discoverer (Summer & Winter Studies)2.0 Refer to OGEM website Refer to OGEM website.
GEM Discoverer (Prelude)2.0Refer to OGEM website Refer to OGEM website.


Inbound Programme

GEM Trailblazer​

For inbound exchange students, click here for the latest list of course offering.
NTU-India Connect Research Internship Programme

​Research programme open to student pursuing his/her undergraduate studies in an Indian University/Institute who have not studied in NTU Singapore previously.


Transfer of Credits

The credit transfer request for exchange in previous semester will be updated by end of the following semester (For instant, credit transfer for AY20/21 Semester 2 will be updated by end of AY21/22 Semester 1)  as school can only start processing students' credit transfer request after received from OGEM/OAS a copy of your transcript for verification purpose. 

Please note that student's study year will remained the same (For instance, Study Year 3 for AY20/21 Semester 2, same Study Year 3 will be used as the Study Year for you to do course registration for AY21//22 Semester 1) until the credit transfer have been processed and updated in your Degree Audit. 

Please email [email protected]  stating the course you want to read and the pre-requisites which you have completed overseas so that you can register for the course during your schedule course registration date/time or during add/drop period.

Online courses will not be approved by MAE. Credit transfer for online courses taken in exchange will not be processed.

SUSEP  Exchange

GEM Explorer Exchange

Classification of Students by Study Year


Contact Us

Outgoing & Incoming Exchange Matters 
(School level administrative matters)


A/P Sridhar Idapalapati
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Mr Tan Wei Zhe
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​Ms Thaiyanayagee d/o Venugopalan (Ms Tiana)
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