Final Year Project

The Final Year Project (FYP) (8 AU Core) is part of the curriculum and is compulsory for all final year students of the School of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering (MAE). It spans over two semesters (except CNYSP OFYP). Students will be able to view the list of available projects from StudentLink and are to approach faculty to initiate discussions about project allocation. Faculty will discuss project requirements with students before allocating the project to them and becoming their supervisors. Once the vacancy is filled, the project will be removed from the list of available projects. At the end of the project, students are required to submit a report and give an oral presentation about the project.

There are 3 types of FYP:

- MA4079 Final Year Project - Majority of the students will do MA4079. It can either be fully-sponsored by industry partners (IS-FYP) or a project proposed by the School.

- FYP-URECA - This is a continuation of / in relation with Undergraduate Research Experience on CAmpus (URECA) project. Please note that this is by invitation only to join URECA then do the FYP. Students are to inform the MAE Undergraduate Office that they are doing the FYP-URECA.

- MA4211 CNYSP Overseas Final Year Project - This is for CNYSP students only. Students are to check with CNYSP office if it will be replaced by local FYP if travelling is still not possible.


About Industry Sponsored Final Year Project (IS-FYP)


The Industry Sponsored Final Year Project (IS-FYP) is fully sponsored by industry partners. The purpose of the IS-FYP is to provide the real-world context to apply the knowledge students have learned to practical problems. It will be mutually beneficial for both NTU and the participating industry partners. It is also hoped that the IS-FYP will enable NTU to establish closer relationships with industry partners.


IS-FYP encourages students to work on problems in any of the disciplines of mechanical and aerospace engineering through a project requiring application of basic engineering principles, which have a direct industrial significance. The project may involve an in-depth study, investigation, product development, computer modeling and analysis, design, construction and testing and experimental investigation, spread over the whole academic year. Only single-student projects will be considered. Students are required to submit a formal report, demonstrate the project and also make an oral presentation on completion of the project.


IS-FYPs can be initiated by an academic staff from MAE through contacts with industry partners or provided directly by companies (industry sponsors) who do not have any academic staff in mind. Projects undertaken during the Professional Internship (PI) may also be extended into IS-FYPs with the submission of the IS-FYP forms to the MAE Undergraduate Office.


Every IS-FYP will be jointly supervised by supervisors from the sponsor company (industry supervisors) and MAE supervisors but will be graded only by MAE supervisors. IS-FYPs are undertaken by students not on a full-time basis since final year students are also required to read courses on campus. Therefore, students normally work on the IS-FYPs on campus during the semesters. Visits to companies during the semesters may be arranged with mutual agreement by industry supervisors, MAE supervisors and students involved in the IS-FYP.


If any required software, equipment or material is not available in MAE, industry sponsors are expected to meet the expenses of the project. While primary guidance to the student will be provided by the MAE supervisor, the industry supervisor is obligated to provide the student with the necessary supporting information.


While the Intellectual Property (IP) will be jointly owned, the industry sponsor will have access to all results of the IS-FYP. MAE and the University will not be held responsible for the accuracy or otherwise of the results and work done by the student.


How to submit IS-FYPs


For proposals with MAE academic staff as main supervisor

The supervisor will submit the proposal online during the “Call for MAE FYP proposals”.


For proposals without MAE academic staff as main supervisor

The industry sponsor is to complete the form and submit it to the MAE Undergraduate Office. Student may contact a MAE academic staff to be the supervisor of this IS-FYP or the proposal will be circulated among MAE academic staff for a suitable supervisor. The MAE academic staff will then evaluate and submit the proposal.

Turnitin Plagiarism Checker

A set of report writing guidelines can be found here. Students have to upload the final version of their FYP reports in full text via the Turnitin plagiarism checker on iNTULearn. Students are to submit the final version of the FYP report along with a printout of the Turnitin report to the supervisor.


Digital Repository of NTU

Students are to upload a softcopy of the full text of their final year reports to the Digital Repository of NTU (DR-NTU) at this link. DR-NTU is an online digital archive that stores and provides access to academic and research publications of staff and students of NTU. For enquires on DR-NTU submission, please contact the NTU library.


Students' reports which are considered to be confidential (e.g. those that contain proprietary or sensitive information of collaborating parties) are exempted from submission to DR-NTU. FYP supervisors will students if they are not required to submit the reports.

Please submit your FYP claims promptly.

  1. For claims with receipts dated 01 April to 08 December, you should claim within 3 months from date of receipts.
  2. For claims with receipts dated 09 December to 07 March, you should claim by 8 March.
  3. For claims with receipts dated 08 March to 31 March, you should submit the claims as and when incurred.
  4. All claims must be submitted by the day of your FYP oral presentation.
  5. Per FYP is entitled to S$500 excluding GST. FYP fund is only for consumable items​. It should not be used for purchasing of any equipment, computer peripherals and storage, telecommunication products, IT products and software, etc. All supporting documents must include justification for purchase and must be endorsed by your FYP  supervisor.  Claims without supporting documents will not be processed.
  6. For the FYP reimbursement claims, please go to your Studentlink and use the ICS system to submit your claims.  
  7. For any overseas or online purchase, FYP student will need to provide the invoice\receipt of the item, payment transaction of the purchase item, and bank statement transactions for proof of purchase if the payment is made by using credit card or paypal or etc.  Also it does not matter whether the invoice or receipt is in Chinese or English. For overseas purchase, GST is not an issue.
  8. Remember to write in the Remarks Box your FYP number (e.g. A011, B100….) and the AY and semester (e.g. AY2018-19, S1…..) of when you commence your fyp.
  9. Hardcopy Submissions to School of MAE is not required.

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