Published on 31 Aug 2021

Topological Solitons for Quantum Operations

IAS@NTU Discovery Science Seminar by Prof Christos Panagopoulos

The webinar was jointly organised by IAS and the Graduate Students' Clubs of SPMS and SCSE.

Held on 30 August 2021, the webinar was jointly organized by IAS and the Graduate Students’ Clubs of SPMS and SCSE. Prof. Christos’ talk mesmerized the audience who got to know about a recent breakthrough in the design of error-resistant quantum computers. As he mentioned during the talk, the research is still in progress, and there are many opportunities for improvement. Also, a lot of findings in this project are still unpublished. Nonetheless, the published research discussed in the talk was very interesting. Prof. Christos explained seemingly complicated concepts in a very simple way. The main idea was that introducing topological defects called solitons (which arise from magnetism and superconductivity) provide a powerful solution to pressing challenges in quantum computing, including computational errors. The talk garnered a large audience from various other schools as well. As takeaways, a lot of attendees acquired thoughtful insights and possibilities of related problems for future research.

Saha Arkaprava | SCSE Graduate Students' Club